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Title Korea CQ- Alumni Party & CQ 17 Opening Ceremony‏
Posted by webmaster Hit 2748 Date 2014.02.26

Indonesian ambassador H.E. John Prasetio and his wife Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio, who are CQ 17members, invited our members to their residence for Korea CQ Opening & Alumni Night.
Last Night was the first forum for CQ 17, and we began this term in a very enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.

More than 60 members made time out of their busy schedule and attended the event.

Upon members' arrival, H.E John Prasetio and Alexandra prasetio greeted each and every one of us with big smile and warm hospitality.
There were many artistic pieces displayed in the residence, and members thoroughly enjoyed viewing the art works while having welcoming drinks prepared by the Indonesian embassy.
Before the dinner, H.E. John Prasetio has a congratulatory message and officially welcomed CQ members. We watched video clips on Indonesia-Korea relations  and  CICI activities.

Delicious and authentic dinner was specially prepared in the Indonesian Food Buffet by H.E. John Prasetio and Mrs. Alexandra prasetio.
Mr. Jay Hyuk Shim,Chairman of Taekwang Industrial Company, offered a pleasant first toast, 'full, full, full'.

As the delicious dinner was coming to an end, we had Noraebang (karaoke) time.

Mr. Mark Chung was the first to start by singing "Just the way you are", then Mr. Tam Chul Gon, Mrs. Lee Jasmine, Mr. Richard Hill, and Ms. Susan Ling, Ms. Ian Jeong, Mr. David Choi, Ms. Baek, and Mrs. Eugenia Bellova showcased their hidden talent respectively.
Then, we had lucky draw time. Once again, big congratulations to all the lucky CQ members!
CICI would like to express gratitude to Jay Hyuk Shim,Vice Chairman of Taekwang Industrial Company; Gee Chan Kwon,Chairman of Wearfun; Jean-Manuel Spreit President of Pernoricard Korea; Joohyun Ha,President of Bioderma Korea Ltd.; Didier Beltoise, Hwang HaeRyung; President of Lutronic, President of Cs, Richard Cymberg, President of L'oreal Korea and Choi Jungwha, President of CICI for sponsoring gifts for the alumni party.

We also thank all members who were able to take their precious time off their busy schedule to attend the Korea CQ 17  Opening Party and Welcoming- Spring Party.

We are looking forward to your continuous and active participation.  
Most importantly, We especially thank H.E. John Prasetio, Alexandra Prasetio for their unparalleled hospitality from preparing wonderful and tasty Indonesian food to giving us an opportunity to have an unforgettable night.   

Thank you again for your unwavering support.

To see more pictures, please click the link below.
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