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Title Korea CQ - Korea CQ 15 Graduation and Summer Welcoming Alumi Party Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 2553 Date 2013.05.24

Dear Korea CQ members,


On May 21, Korea CQ 15 Graduation and Summer Welcoming Alumni Party was held in Bayan Tree next to



The weather was beautiful and also the view of Namsan was amazing. There were around 80 people at the

Terrace of the Banyan Tree and they all dressed up with green & blue according the summer dress code.

H.E. Aram Cisceros, Panamanian Ambassador generously co-organized the party. French, Indonesian, Slovak and

Jordanian Ambassadors also attended the party.


There were Panamanian music and 'Mola' which is a traditional Panamanian art work. So CQ members were able

to soak into Panamanian mode(mood??). CQ members had champagne while appreciating 'Mola' with the green

Namsan view.


The program started with CQ 15 graduation ceremony. CQ 15 members received a graduation certificate and

there was an awards ceremony.


After the ceremony, members had dinner with Panamanian music. There were BBQ and buffet and wine.

Panamanian Ambassador prepared special drinks; Panamanian liquor Seco mixed with Korean liquor Soju.

After the dinner, there were short videos about Panama for better understanding of Panama. And Ambassador

gave a Mola embroider with CICI as a special gift to Choi Jungwha, President of CICI.


Watching CQ 15 activities photos reminded CQ 15 members of the good memories. After that, there was a quiz

time reflected on the CQ 15 forums and were very competitive. And the winner was Park Soeun.


The most fun part of the night was a dancing time. Each table had a leader and they drew a lottery and 3 tables who won got chance to dance. They wear shinny jackets and afro wigs. Each team danced twist or

Michel Jackson's Billie Jean or Pys's Gangnam Style. They danced off the stage and people were very much

entertained with their dancing.


Also, Panamanian Ambassador and his spouse Mrs. Gloria Pino danced salsa. Members were wowed by their

salsa and they looked like love birds. The couple won the dancing time.


Last but most favorite, lucky draw was hold and every time people won something, they were clapping and

happy. Before the party ends, they also had a little chance to take a look what CQ 16 program is going to be.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Panamanian Ambassador for inviting CQ members to the

fabulous venue.


And we would like to congratulate all the awardees who actively participated in the CQ 15 despite their busy



Also we would like to thank all the members who generously sponsored wonderful items for the lucky draw;

Members who sponsored lucky draw items; H.E. Aram Cisneros Naylor, Panamanian Ambassador;

H.E. Dusan Bella, Slovak Ambassador; Shim Jay Huk, Vice Chairman of Taekwang Industrial Company;

Kwon Gee Chan, Chairman of Wearfun; Hwang Haelyung, President of Lutronic;

Kim Eunyoung, CEO of the Bettlemap; Park Soeun, Vice President of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique;

Park Min Sun, Director of the Clean Clinic; Park Moojong, President of the Korea Times;

Choi Jungwha, President of CICI; Didier Beltoise, CEO of Cs; Richard Cymberg, President of L'oreal Korea;

Herve Bouvier, General Manager of Estee Lauder Companies Korea.


We also thank you a lot for MC Hong Mi Kyung Claire, Vice President of Shinyoung Corporation and interpreter

Professor Lim Hyang Ok Jade.

Last but not least, we would likt to express our gratitude to the members who attended despite their busy



We are looking forward to your unwavering and continous interest in CICI and CQ.


Korea CQ 15 Awardees

Korea CQ Award: Francois Provost, Lee Namsik

Korea CQ Culture Award: H.E. Aram Cineros

Korea CQ Communication Award: H.E. Omar Nahar

Korea CQ Creativity Award: H.E. John Prasetio

Korea CQ Concentration Award: Joris Diercks

Close Second : Cho Juyeon

Mysterious Man: Christian Loucq

Best Friends: Ju Min Younh & Kang Mike

Best Dresser: H.E. Aram Cineros, Lee Sung Ju

For more photos please click the link!

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