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Title Korea CQ - Trip to Jeundo Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 1621 Date 2013.05.01

On October 27-28, Korea CQ members went on a trip to Jeungdo Island, Sinan, the first Slow City-designated site in Asia.
All the CQ members gathered at the Yongsan Station to take the KTX train to Gwangju, South Jeolla.


Everybody came even earlier than they are supposed to meet.



They took their time to greet each other and were excited to going on a trip!



Traveling by KTX to Gwangju took approximately 3 hours. When they arrived at Gwangju Station, they took a bus to Jeungdo. 


Mr. Shon Il Sun and Mr. Kim Sang Il, CEOs of Taepyeong Salt Farm warmly greeted CQ members and had lunch with us at Salt Restaurant. Members enjoyed fresh and delicious local slow foods.



Then they moved to Taepyong salt farm to experience how to harvest sun-dried salt and use the water wheel.


They all went into the field with boots and raked salt. They were very excited about their first experience of making salt.



After the work, members went to a storage with full of salt and everybody got a pack of sun-dried salt for their hard work.



After the experience, they went to a salt farm observatory and had bird eyes view of the Jeungdo scenery. And they all had short break with delicious salt ice cream.



Next, members went to Salt Museum. They learnt about history of salt, use of salt, history of Jeungdo, difference between sun-dried salt and refined salt, and process of making sun-dried salt.


They went to Taepyeong salt plants botanical garden and took a look at unique salt plant of wetland.


After that, members went to Salt Cave Healing Center to relax and experience salt detox and that was the end of program of the day.


For dinner, members went to a treasure island, the finest seafood restaurant in Jeungdo, and had slices of raw perch with beautiful sunset.


At the end of the dinner, Chairman of CQ alumni Shim Jay Hyuk showed various ways to make bomb shots and entertained everybody.



Members checked in at El Dorado resort near by Ujeon beach and took a rest for the next day.


Second day was more sunny day and after having breakfast, CQ members crossed a Jjangttungeo(mudskipper) bridge over mud flat and took a look at sand crabs and some other organism on the mud flat.



There was a pine tree forest along the coast when they crossed the bridge. T


he pine tree forest was awarded second prize at ‘The Beautiful Forest Contest’ in 2009.


Members took a walk and had some fresh air.



 Before leaving Jeungdo, members could have some time to enjoy mulberry tea, coffee and cookies with nice view of Ujeon beach.


Members took a bus to Gwangju and had Tteok galbi, a famous local food, for lunch at Songjun-doong.


They also celebrated birthday of Mr. Didier Beltoise and Mrs. Lee Namsik with nice birthday cake and champagne.



Then they went to Jeungsim temple in Mudeung Mountain and members were able to meet the head monk of the temple.


He kindly offered yellow tea and green tea for all the members, talked with the members and answered all the questions from our members who are very interested in Temple Stay.



It was time to say goodbye to the temple and members went to Gwangju station and came back to Seoul.


Even though it was a short trip, but still CQ members had a very good time together and brought good memories to home.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the CQ members for taking time out of their busy schedules to join the trip.
Moreover, we thank Taaepyeong Salt Farm and Gilbut travel agency who guided members and took good care of CQ members.
Last but not least, we thank Mr. Shon Il Sun and Mr. Kim Sang Il, CEOs of Taepyeong Salt Farm for their warm hospitality and good friendship.


Click the link below to find more photos!


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