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Title Korea CQ - Indonesian Night Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 1163 Date 2013.05.01

On April 23, Indonesian ambassador H.E. John Prasetio and his wife Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio, who are CQ 15 members, invited CQ members to their residence.


It was a rainy day but with the rain, the residence looked very elegant.


When members had arrived, H.E. John Prasetio and Alexandra Prasetio had welcomed them with warm smile.


Members looked around art pieces in the residence and greeted each other while having lemon tea prepared by Indonesian embassy.


Before the dinner, H.E. John Prasetio has a congratulatory message and officially welcomed CQ members and then we watched CQ 15 activities so far and upcoming activities video clip.


And after that, dinner specially prepared by H.E. John Prasetio and Mrs. Alexandra prasetio for CQ members started with Risoles and Crepe with Chicken Ragout. Main dish was spiced fried chicken, beef rendang, corn fritters, anchovies with green chili, Indonesian fried noodles, stir-fried vegetables with mushroom and steamed rice. The dinner ended with coffee éclair with fruits.


And by the time dinner ended, Noraebang had started.


Of course Gangnam Style heated atmosphere. Members showed off their hidden singing and dancing talents.


At the end, everybody sang 'We are the world' and 'YMCA' with dancing and became together.


We would like to thank all the CQ members who attended the event despite their busy schedules for being part of the fun night.


 We especially thank H.E. John Prasetio, Alexandra Prasetio for their unparalleled hospitality from preparing wonderful food to fun Noraebang   


For more photos please click the link!

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