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Title February CQ Wine Club
Posted by webmaster Hit 1253 Date 2013.04.25

On February 21, the first Wine Club of 2013 was held at Min’s kitchen, modern Korean restaurant with theme of ‘Color Food with White Wine.’ 
Park Soeun, Park Jae Woo James, Sung Jaechul, Shim Jay Hyuk,  Young Joseph, Lee Hyun Ju, Lim Joonyoung, Cho Kurie, Jeong Ian, Choi Jungwha, Ha Joohyun, Hwang Haelyung, , Didier Beltoise, James Bemowski,  Ludolf Ebner Chung, Samia Mounts, Sandarine Spriet, Vincent Bernard & Eve Law Thime attended the first Wine Club. Also, there was a new Korea CQ 15 member, Nicolas Piccato.
CQ members greeted each other Happy New Year with Ruinart Blanc de Blance which Park Soeun, a sponsor for this event and a vice president of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique, brought directly from France.
Park Soeun started the night with a toast. Jeong Ian who is another sponsor and an oriental medical doctor discussed with Min’s Kitchen and designed a special menu for us. The theme of menu was 5 colors of food & 5 organs.
Oyster (white), Sweet pumpkin (yellow), tomato (red) and mozzarella cheese were starters. Seaweed fulvescens porridge (greed) and fish egg salad (black) harmonized very well.
We had Jermann Pinot Grigio with mushroom, squid ink, mung bean and kimchi pancakes. Everybody loved homemade greed-lentil jelly seasoned with cabbage, Portobello mushroom, beef.
Next, fried shrimp with pickled garlic sauce and sticky rice coated beef with vegetables were perfect with Sileni Estate Selections the Straits Sauvignon Blanc.
Young Joseph was a light of the party. He complimented how Korea CQ Wine Club has good wine, food and especially good companies. His humor definitely contributed to the delight atmosphere. April Wine Club sponsor Jim Bemowski made a toast and all other members as well.
There was lots of “Wow! Beautiful! Fantastic!” during the dinner. Park Jae Woo James said today is a‘White night’ because there was only white wine. It was indeed a special white night and everybody could not stop talking about how much the food and wine go well.
Madame De Rayne and dessert closed the night with smiles on everybody’s face.

Thank you very much again for this special night Park Soeun and Jeong Ian! They started a great first Wine Club event in 2013.
I also thank all the Wine Club members for being part of the night with love and friendship.


For more photos please click the link below!


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