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Title Korea CQ - Lecture on Pororo & Next Week Forum Epilogue
Posted by webmaster Hit 1135 Date 2013.04.25

The 3rd CQ forum was held on March 12. Jun Byung Kook, member of CQ 15 and managing director of Hana Cheongdam Center, offered the venue and kindly invited CQ members. And the lecture on “Korean Animation: The secret of Pororo’s long-running popularity” was prepared by Choi Jong-il, CEO of Iconix Entertainment.

Before the lecture, there was a tour of the Cheongdam Finance Center of Hana Daetoo Securities with Kim Tae Seong, department manager of Hana Daetoo Securities. He kindly guided everybody and explained the art pieces. Since the center looked like an art gallery all the CQ members was very impressed.

After the tour, CQ members had Market O lunch box with red wine. Next, Choi Jong-il, so called “the father of Pororo” presented secrets of the success in Korean animation industry.All CQ members were very in to Choi’s presentation, and there were so many questions for Choi after the lecture. We would like to give warm applause to CEO Choi who gave an interesting and touching lecture to CQ members.

We would also like to express our gratitude to director Jun who prepared tour, snacks and facilities and special thanks to professor Lim Hyang Ok Jade who was willing to be an interpreter for CQ members.

For more pictures, please click the link below.

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