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Title Special CQ Forum: "Gifts for the Mind" on May 27
Posted by webmaster Hit 1048 Date 2013.04.25

I would like to introduce a very special lecture.


How much brain do we use? Do you want to know how can you develop brain skills?


On May 27, Eran Katz, who is a Guinness record holder in memory stunts will give a lecture about  "Amazing brain skills...we didn't know we have"


ERAN KATZ is a leading speaker on memory and Intelligence and a popular guest on TV and radio shows. He has delivered his Lectures and seminars to hundreds of leading multinational companies and organizations worldwide. Among them are Motorola, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Nokia, General Electric, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Avis, The European Petrochemical Association, Singapore Government, Japan Opensense workshops, Thai Chamber of commerce and many more. Approximately 250,000 people around the world have attended one of the 1800 entertaining lectures and seminars he has delivered. Katz also holds the Israeli Guinness Book of World Records title in memory stunts. His books, ‘Secrets of a Super Memory’ and ‘Jerome becomes a Genius – The Jewish Way to Brain Power‘ had been on the bestsellers list in 4 countries. Translation rights of his books were sold in 11 languages.


May 27 Special CQ Forum "Gifts for the Mind"

"Amazing brain skills...we didn't know we have"

Time: 18:00

Venue: Israel Culture Center

Participation fee: 30,000 won (Woori Bank, 160-359256-13 102, 한국이미지커뮤니케이션연구원)


If you would like to attend this forum please email or phone (T. 02-561-0429) 

Thank you. 

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