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Title Korea CQ- December's Wine Club
Posted by webmaster Hit 3184 Date 2014.12.19

Dear Korea CQ members,

I hope you are having a pleasant Friday.

On December 18, Korea CQ December's wine club was held at Lotte Hotel Seoul.

October Wine Club was operated with the generous support from Meng Juhyun, Director of Deramwelfare, and Song Si Eun, Director of Yon Dental Clinic.

Meng Juhyun, Song Si Eun, Haelyung Hwang, Park Min Sun, Kim Ju-Yong, Hong Hyung Taek, Christophe Piganiol, Susan Ling, Seol Do-Won, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise, Jae Woo James Park, Bang Eugene, Lee Hyun Ju, Kurie Cho, Jay Hyuk Shim were among the participants of the dinner.

Everyone was on time at Charlotte Room despite of cold weather, participants gathered and had time to catch up with a glass of 'Cuvée Sainte-Anne Brut' with the wonderful night view of Seoul. This wine is full in flavor with rich tasting.


Wine club started with assorted seafood crudites with Italian vinaigrette on eggplant caviar and 'Chablis' which is expressed as the purity with fruit flavor and traditional Chablis enhanced by mineral-tinged.

Special menu prepared by Lotte Hotel Seoul was swerved with 'Château Montus' made the dinner more enjoyable and pleasant. The harmony of the condensed black fruit and oak flavors of 'Château Montus' seems to have strong state, but it was sparingly light and soft.

그림4.jpg 그림3.jpg

With the toast of Hwang Haelyung, President of Wine Club, and Christophe Piganiol and Jae Woo James Park's toast make the atmosphere more enjoyable with full of laughing’


For dessert wine, everyone appreciated ‘Gros Manseng Doux’ at the end. Korea CQ December's wine club was ended with cherries  jubilee & vanilla ice cream and ‘Gros Manseng Doux’ which has a pleasant sweet taste of tropical fruit flavor.

We sincerely appreciate director Meng Juhyun and Song Si Eun for supporting valuable wines, managing wonderful venue, and preparing caramel fudge set as Christmas gift, and all participants for making our wine club more enjoyable.

The upcoming wine club on February 12, 2015 sponsored by Cindy Yang, President of Korea Executive Search. The details of each event will be announced again. 

Thank you very much and have a nice day and happy New Year.


Koera CQ Hae ri Park


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