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Title Korea CQ- October Wine Club
Posted by webmaster Hit 2024 Date 2014.10.28

Dear Korea CQ members,


The cool breeze is now welcoming the end of October, 2014.


Korea CQ- October Wine Club was held on October 23 at French restaurant, ‘Passione’ in Kangnam.


October Wine Club was operated with the generous support from Lee Hyun Ju, the president of Designon and Park So Yoon, the President of Lemonade & Co.

Kwon Gee Chan, Choe Yongwon, Seol Do-Won, Park Jae Woo, Young Joseph, Hong Hyung Taek, Chung Mark, Park Min Sun, Park So Eun, Jeong Ian, Choi Jungwha, James Bemowski, Susanne Bemowski, Christophe Piganiol, Susan Ling, Jean-Manuel Spriet, Didier Beltoise, Samia Mounts were among the participants of the event.

In addition, Lee Jong Jin, the renowned conductor and music director, joined as a special guest.


Everyone was on time as usual, and the Wine Club began with gentle, yet friendly conversations while tasting Kumeu River, Village Chardonnay. Robert Whitley, famous wine professional, highly praised this wine for being the best Chardonnay in the world.


The main event for the October Wine Club started with Chef Lee Bangwon's preparation of 9 fresh and tasty food, as well as Tatty Bogler Pinot Noir.


Mr. Christophe Piganiol, the president of Zuellig Pharma Korea, made a splendid ‘BHO! BHO’ toast speech that ripened the pleasant atmosphere of the Wine Club.


The members all exclaimed about how delicious abalone Risotto and salad, foie gras and boiled apple, as well as beet Shushi were. Conductor Lee Jong Jin's additional and detailed explanations about the wines made the wine club even more special and meaningful.


Afterwards, the CQ members enjoyed sea-food, fish and meat, the main dish, which were served with Kaesler Stonehorse GSM, Kaesler Stonehorse Shiraz with its distinctive reddish color.


Mango Basil Sherbet and millefeuille  were served with Old Vine Shiraz. This wine is popular for its soft, yet long finish.


We sincerely appreciate president Lee Hyun Ju and Park So Yoon for supporting valuable wines and all other members who joined Korea CQ Wine Club. In addition, we also appreciate Mr. James Bemowski, the president of Korea CQ Wine Club and Vice Chairman of Doosan Corp, who generously provided Glenmorangie highland single malt Scotch whisky for all the members.


The upcoming Wine Club in December will be supported by Mang Ju Huyn, the director of Dreamwelfare and Song Si Eun, the director of Yon Dental Clinic. Please join this event with active particiption.

Thank you very much.

Korea CQ

Min Kyung Koo



For more pictures, please click the link below.

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