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Title [CCF] "The end of the story is important ... I write from the end."[JoongAng Sunday 2018-09-01]
Posted by webmaster Hit 6255 Date 2018.09.05

"The end of the story is important ... I write from the end."

We would like to share an article on 'Culture Communication Forum 2018' featured in JoongAng Sunday on September 1st. For further details, please refer to the article below.

No. Title Posted by Date Hit
504 [CICI Korea] Ballerina Sae-eun Park receives Flower Stone Award from Korea Image Award [Newsis 2019-01-10] webmaster 2019.01.15 2219
503 [CICI Korea] Youtube Channel 'Korean Englishman' Josh, awarded CICI Korea Image Award [Newsis 2019-01-10] webmaster 2019.01.15 3466
502 [News] Hotel Shilla goes to U.S.A…high-tech hotel in Silicon Valley [Maeil Business Newspaper 2019-01-01] webmaster 2019.01.14 2989
501 [News] Restaurant Hallyu...16 have been listed as the world’s best restaurant. [Donga Ilbo 2018-12-05] webmaster 2019.01.14 2671
500 [News] Singapore, I don’t say no to those who prepare to start their own business [Maeil Business Newspaper 2018-12-30] webmaster 2019.01.14 2574
499 [CICI Korea] YouTubers awarded for letting world know more about Korean culture [Korea Times 2018-12-13] webmaster 2018.12.26 5624
498 [CICI Korea] Notification of 13th [Hankyoreh 2018-12-13] webmaster 2018.12.26 2746
497 [CICI Korea] CICI, Announces Korea Image Award[JoongAng Ilbo 2018-12-13] webmaster 2018.12.26 2811
496 [CICI Korea] CICI announces annual award winners [JoongAng Daily 2018-12-13] webmaster 2018.12.26 3004
495 [CICI Korea] 'Korean Englishman' and Ballerina Sae Eun Park receives Korean Image Award for promoting Korea[Maeil Business Newspaper 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.26 3421
494 [CICI Korea] 'Korean Englishman' and Ballerina Sae Eun Park receives Korean Image Award [Edaily 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.13 3555
493 [CICI Korea] Ballerina Sae Eun Park and others awarded, ‘2019 Korea Image Award’ [Kyunghyang Shinmun 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.13 3183
492 [CICI Korea] Korean Image Stepping Stone Award, Korean Language···Stepping Stone Bridge Award Josh&Oli·Flower Stone Award Sae Eun Park [Newsis 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.13 3129
491 [CICI Korea] Korean Language·'Korean Englishman'·Sae Eun Park receives Korean Image Award [The Asia Business Daily 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.13 2970
490 [CICI Korea] Cultural group unveils winners of annual awards for promoting Korea abroad [Yunhap News 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.13 3362
489 [CICI Korea] CICI Korean Image Award Ballerina Se-un Park, and Korean Culture YouTube Channel creators, Englishman Josh&Oli [Hankook Ilbo 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.13 3378
488 [CICI Korea] YouTube star 'Korean Englishman', receives CICI 'Korean Image Award 2019' [CNB News 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.13 2970
487 [CICI Korea] Josh & Ollie Stepping Stone Bridge Award · BallerinaSae Eun Park Flower Stone Award [문화일보 2018-12-12] webmaster 2018.12.12 3567
486 [CICI Korea] Who introduced Korea's image to the world this year? [Chosun Ilbo 2018-12-11] webmaster 2018.12.12 2891
485 [CICI Korea] CICI announces 2019 award winners [Korea Herald 2018-12-11] webmaster 2018.12.12 25784

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