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Title [CCF] 12 Cultural Leaders from around the world attending CCF 2019, starting June 30 [Maeil Economic Daily 2019-06-18]
Posted by webmaster Hit 2125 Date 2019.06.19

The 10th Culture Communication Forum, CCF 2019, will be held from June 30 to July 2nd by CICI, Munistry of Culture Sports and Tourism  KOCIS, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 12 Creators from around the world will be attending as delegates

No. Title Posted by Date Hit
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621 [CCF] [INTERVIEW] How versatile Gabriela Kook draws 940,000 YouTube subscribers [The Korea Times 2019-07-08] webmaster 2019.07.11 3194
620 [CCF] [INTERVIEW] Billboard columnist says BTS, the Beatles comparable [The Korea Times 2019-07-05] webmaster 2019.07.11 2318
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616 [CCF] [Herald Interview] Chef without restaurant but 1 million diners [The Korea Herald 2019-07-04] webmaster 2019.07.11 2427
615 [CCF] [Herald Interview] Observing K-pop crossover from other side [The Korea Herald 2019-07-02] webmaster 2019.07.11 2297
614 [CCF] CCF 2019 discusses content creation culture of Korea and beyond [The Korea Herald 2019-07-02] webmaster 2019.07.11 2319
613 [CCF] "Is English important?...Korean and gorgeous dance, that’s what K-pop is really like" [Kyunghyang Shinmun 2019-07-02] webmaster 2019.07.11 2263
612 [CCF] “K-pop stars must keep Korea as it is to succeed in the US.” [Hankyoreh 2019-07-02] webmaster 2019.07.11 2401
611 [CCF] "Korean Idols, it’s hard to last long if they follow the given answer.” [Kukmin Ilbo 2019-07-02] webmaster 2019.07.11 1999
610 [CCF] [Pop Culture] Combination of Commerce and Art...Korean Movies are more diverse than Hollywood and Europe films [Seoul Economic Daily 2019-07-04] webmaster 2019.07.11 2814
609 [CCF] "Black Pink is growing, now the K-pop girl group will become the next BTS" webmaster 2019.07.11 2008
608 [CCF] “K-Pop has all the entertainment elements…a new area beyond one genre" [Munhwa Ilbo 2019-07-03] webmaster 2019.07.11 2191
607 [CCF] "Korea, a country that is close but too far apart? It's the closest" [Hankook Ilbo 2019-07-04] webmaster 2019.07.11 1713
606 [CCF] "K-pop lights up Billboard." [Maeil Business Newspaper 2019-07-02] webmaster 2019.07.11 12571
605 [CCF] Birth of the latecomer to BTS is a matter of time...But, need to maintain the charm of Korea [Dong-a Ilbo 2019-07-03] webmaster 2019.07.11 401600

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