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Title [News] World's NO.1 Breakdance group ‘JinJo Crew’ “It’s time for the Olympic Gold Medal” [JoongAng Daily 2019-04-01]
Posted by webmaster Hit 8623 Date 2019.04.01

The Paris Olympic organizing committee said that it will propose four sports -- break dancing, climbing, skateboarding and surfing -- as official events for the Paris Olympics.

According to Bboyrangkingz, South Korea is proudly the top-ranked country. In the team rankings, JinJo Crew is currently in second but will rise to No. 1 again if the points of the last three competitions are reflected.

Kim Heon-jun, leader and founder of the JinJo Crew said, "In the past, we had a negative reaction just because we were dancing. But, if we participate in the Olympics, we will give courage to young friends who dream of breakdancing as well."

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