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Title [CCF] Korea through the lens: winners' views [PHOTOS] [The Korea Times 2018-07-24]
Posted by webmaster Hit 2532 Date 2018.07.24

GRAND AWARD: "View Over Seoul" by Iordan Daniel Teodorescu from the Romanian Embassy. Courtesy of CICI

By Jung Da-min

"View of Seoul" has won the grand prize at the second annual video and photograph contest organized by Corea Image Communication Research Institute (CICI) a non-profit organization affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The photograph, depicting Seoul at night, when alleys and buildings are lit up, is the work of Iordan Daniel Teodorescu at the Romanian Embassy in Seoul.

The contest, called "Korea Through the Lens, Video & Photography," ran from May 1 to July 16, with the optional themes of "Streets of Korea" or "Korean Food."

A total of 264 submissions were made from 21 countries including the U.S., France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Iraq, Israel, Iran, South Africa, Romania and Indonesia. 

Sixteen works have been selected to be displayed and screened at the ninth annual Culture Communication Forum Night at the Grand Salon of Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on Aug. 29.

The Excellence Award went to Oh Kweon-yeol's "Morning Walk," a photo of the stonewall walkway of thatched-roof houses at Naganeupseong; a Korean fortress in Nagan-myeon, Suncheon, South Jeolla Province; and to Min Kyoung-chan's "Alley Talk," showing an alley in Incheon, where grandmothers sit under a mural of sunflowers.

The winner of last year's excellence award, Petris Vaivars, Latvian ambassador to Korea, won the Special Award with for a photo titled, "The Guards of Seoul," showing guards at the gate of the Deoksugung Palace, in downtown Seoul.

[Excellence Award]

"Morning Walk" by Oh Kweon-yeol. Courtesy of CICI

"Alley Talk" by Min Kyoung-chan. Courtesy of CICI

[Special Award]

"The Guards of Seoul" by Peteris Vaivars, Latvian Ambassador to Korea. Courtesy of CICI

[Runner-Up Award]

"Gwanghwamoon" by Charles Saswinanto. Courtesy of CICI

"Mother's Road" by Jeomgab Kim. Courtesy of CICI

"Street of Korea (video)" by Fatchurochman & Setiadi Dany Indonesian YouTube team. Courtesy of CICI


"Scenery of Alley" by Cho Tae-gwan. Courtesy of CICI

"The Path of the People (video)" by Go Young-ha, CEO of AMC Asia. Courtesy of CICI

"Street Lines " by Wahyu Santosa, Indonesian photographer. Courtesy of CICI

"Watermelon" by Chaim Choshen, Israeli Ambassador to Korea. Courtesy of CICI

"Alley of Childhood Memory" by No Sang-kwon. Courtesy of CICI

"Landscape of Euljiro Nogari Alley" by Lee Yusin, student at Hongik University. Courtesy of CICI

"Green tea drying in Mt. Jiri" by Ian Jeong, Director of Jeong-Ian Oriental Medicine Clinic. Courtesy of CICI

"Colorful Road " by Lee Jong-soo,?photographer. Courtesy of CICI

"Winter Alley in Hanok Village" by Yu Ji-hun at Muju Post Office. Courtesy of CICI

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