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Title [CICI Korea] 'This award is a great chance to promote Korea to France' [Hankook Ilbo, 2018-01-16]
Posted by webmaster Hit 3576 Date 2018.01.19

"This award is a great chance to promote Korea to France."

Getting an award in Korea means a lot to me. I hope it could be a chance to promote Korea to France. Joachim Son-Forget was a neuroradiologist before he decided to become a politician when Emmanuel Macron, the president of France persuaded him to join the Congress to help Swiss. He was elected as a member of Congress with 74.88% voting rates, and he became a first ever adopted Korean to be a politician in France.

Joachim, who decided to work as a politician because he wants to help more people, was appointed as the president of the France-Korea Friendship Association last year. Choi Jung Wha, the president of CICI (Corea Image Communication Institute) stated that he deserves the award because he has attracted much attention to Korea globally. Also, Angelina Danilova, the awardee for the Flower Stone Award, said she is honored to receive the award and that she really enjoys her life in Korea. The awardee for the Stepping Stone Award, Sohn Kyung Shik, said that he would make Hallyu not as a temporary trend but as a proud culture that has deep roots into the lives of global citizens.

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