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Title [CICI Korea] 'KalGunMu' leading Korea's Image in the World [Kyunghyang Shinmun 2020-01-24]
Posted by webmaster Hit 1576 Date 2020.01.28

A survey of Foreign opinion leaders who have experienced Korea and Korean opinion leaders conducted by CICI showed that K-pop was the most firmly established Korean culture. The results further showed that 'KalGunMu', or the perfectly synchronized dance moves of the idols, was the biggest reason as to why K-Pop has gained so much interest from around the world, and the looks of the idols also plays a big role. In order to maintain K-Pop's popularity, survey participants replied that innovative music and strong skill-sets are required. Since K-Pop has become music that can be enjoyed anywhere around the world, CICI analyzed that K-Pop needs concentrate on further strengthening its core rather than expanding further. 

Jeff Benjamin, who received the Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award at the CICI Korea 2020 Korea Image Awards, said that the biggest change in K-Pop in the past decade is that K-Pop no longer hides its identity, and openly expresses itself. While at the moment, K-Pop has shown the most change in the short span of 10 years, both internationally and locally, Benjamin predicts that other genres in such as Rock, Jazz, and Dance music will also be influenced by Korea in the future. This can already be seen for example by the world-renowned Jazz Vocalist Nah Youn Sun, who received the Korea Image Fire Stone Award.

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