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Title [CICI Korea] Today's third Keyword : Corea Image Award Ceremony [Channel A 2020-01-15]
Posted by webmaster Hit 2016 Date 2020.01.20
No. Title Posted by Date Hit
216 [CICI Korea] 18th Korea Image Awards go to Hwang Dong-hyuk, Netflix, Sumi Jo and Kim Je-deok [Arirang TV 2022.01.13] webmaster 2022.03.11 873
215 [CICI Korea] 'Squid Game' creator Hwang Dong-hyuk says he still believes in humanity [Yonhap 2022.01.13] webmaster 2022.03.11 807
214 [CICI Korea] Netflix to step up investment in Korean content, Netflix Korea VP says [The Korea Times 2022.01.13] webmaster 2022.03.11 1326
213 [CICI Korea] Hwang Dong-hyuk, Netflix, Sumi Jo, Kim Je-deok bag trophies at Korea Image Award [The Korea Herald 2022.01.12] webmaster 2022.03.11 892
212 [CICI Korea] (LEAD) CICI Korea Image Awards : le réalisateur de «Squid Game» croit toujours en l'humanité [Yonhap 2022.01.12] webmaster 2022.03.11 937
211 [CICI Korea] Le réalisateur de «Squid Game» et Netflix reçoivent un Korea Image Award du CICI [Yonhap 2022.01.12] webmaster 2022.03.11 1329
210 [CICI Korea] Hwang Dong-hyuk et CICI [Yonhap 2022.01.12] webmaster 2022.03.11 762
209 [CICI Korea] Lauréats [Yonhap 2022.01.12] webmaster 2022.03.11 782
208 [CICI Korea] Corea Image Communication Institute hosts annual awards [Korea JoongAng Daily 2022.01.12] webmaster 2022.03.11 776
207 [CICI Korea] 'Squid Game' director to receive Korea Image Stepping Stone Award [Korea Joongang Daily 2021.12.14] webmaster 2022.03.11 733
206 [CICI Korea] 'Squid Game' director, Netflix, archer Kim Je-deok and soprano Jo Su-mi win Korea Image Awards [Korea Times 2021.12.14] webmaster 2022.03.11 940
205 [CICI Korea] ‘Squid Game’ director Hwang Dong-hyuk wins Korea Image Award [Korea Herald 2021.12.14] webmaster 2022.03.11 716
204 [CICI Korea] CICI ceremony [Korea Joongang Daily 2021.01.14] webmaster 2021.01.29 1354
203 [CICI Korea] 'Pandemic worsened gender inequality,' says Korea Image Awards winner Delphine O [The Korea Times 2021.01.15] webmaster 2021.01.29 1316
202 [CICI Korea] Korean image ambassadors Baby Shark and Delphine O shine light on Korea’s future [The Korea Herald 2021.01.14] webmaster 2021.01.29 24809
201 [CICI Korea] Sondage CICI : regarder des films ou séries TV a été le passe-temps favori en 2020 sur fond de pandémie [Yonhap News 2021.01.14] webmaster 2021.01.29 1837
200 [CICI Korea] (LEAD) Le CICI remet ses prix annuels pour des contributions à la promotion de l'image de la Corée [Yonhap News 2021.01.14] webmaster 2021.01.29 1564
199 [CICI Korea] 'Korea Image Award 2021' given to Baby Shark, Trot Men, Delphine O for promoting K-Culture [Arirang TV 2021.01.15] webmaster 2021.01.29 1459
198 [CICI Korea] Korea Image Award 2021' given to Baby Shark, Trot Men, Delphine O for promoting K-Culture [Arirang TV 2021.01.14] webmaster 2021.01.29 2267
197 [CICI Korea] Trot Men, Delphine O and 'Baby Shark' win Korea Image Awards [Korea Times 2020-12-17] webmaster 2020.12.18 1276

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