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Title Korea CQ- November 18th, Lecture on Creative Economy by congressman Jhun Hajin
Posted by webmaster Hit 2106 Date 2014.10.17

Dear Korea CQ Members,

On November 18th, there will be a lecture on ‘Creative Economy’ by Congressman and CEO Jhun Ha Jin at the residence of Kuwait Residence.

For this time, Korea CQ members will have time to listen to the story of creative economy by Mr. Jhun.

Congressman Jhun Ha Jin:

Congressman of Saenuri Party (Kyunggi-do Seongnam Bundang-eul), Chairperson of Digital Party Committee of Saenuri Party, Member of Trade, Industry and Energy Committee, and Secretary from Ruling Saenuri Party of National Assembly Special Committee on the Promotion of Creative Economy,   

Started his career as a Venture Businessman,  the president of Hancon, Inc., he is widely known for his knowledge of Creative Economy and he was also selected as the ‘2001 Technology Pioneers’.


 Korea CQ- November 18th, Lecture on Creative Economy by congressman Jhun Hajin  )

Time: November 18th Tuesday, 6:20pm

Venue: Residence of Kuwaiti Ambassador (142, Hoenamu-ro 44-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Lecturer: Jhun Hajin


Thank you

Korea CQ Hyesoo Shin

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