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Title Korea CQ - Visit to Théâtre des Lumières
Posted by webmaster Hit 102 Date 2022.09.28

On September 27th, Korea CQ visited the 'Théâtre des Lumières' exhibition held at Grand Walkerhill Seoul.


Today, H.E. Eric Teo, Minjae Kim, H.E. Michael Reiffenstuel, H.E. Maria Theresa B. Dizon-De Vega, H.E. Maria Castillo-Fernandez, H.E. Ekaterini Loupas, Park Jin-woo, James Park, Son Jae-hee, Lee Hyun-ju, Choi Jae-seung, Kim Hyun-taek, Kim Yoo-kyung, Han Man-won, Lim Hyang-ok, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise and Jung Hyo-jin attended.


Tmonet CEO Park Jin-woo, who planned the exhibition, warmly welcomed the members at the 'Lounge of Light', a cafe located in the corner of the exhibition space, and told us about the history of the Théâtre des Lumières and the reason for planning this exhibition.



He specially invited CQ members to the exclusive VIP room for a more detailed explanation. It is said that this place was used as a social gathering place for former Korean President Park Chung-hee.


Théâtre des Lumières is an immersive media art exhibition that combines cultural contents with IT technology, so it requires a high level of IT operation. Tmonet was able to successfully hold this exhibition through its outstanding technology and infrastructure as a company specialized in mobile payment solutions.


We started to look around the exhibition. Théâtre des Lumières presents a unique artistic experience that allows visitiors to be completely immersed in the art surrounded by dozens of beam projectors and speakers.


This is the 'Green Room' where actors put on makeup and change clothes before going on stage. A space decorated with red curtains, mirrors on all sides and colorful lighting added zest to the tour.


After the tour, CEO Park Jin-woo prepared a delicious and healthy sandwich and finger food.


A lively Q&A session followed with a light meal.


We would like to thank Mr.Park who invited CQ members to this wonderful exhibition. We would also like to express thanks to all members who attended despite their busy schedules, as well as Jung Hyo-jin for her interpretation help.


CICI will be preparing more diverse and interesting activities.

For more pictures, please click the link below.

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