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Title Korea CQ - 'Epilogue of 'Metarverse and AI' by Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto
Posted by webmaster Hit 1175 Date 2022.03.17
Dear Korea CQ members,

On February 22, we had a special lecture about ‘Metaverse and AI’ by Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto, at the French Ambassador’s Residence in Seoul.

H.E Philippe Lefort, Faiza Lefort, H.E Chafik Rachadi, H.E Bruno Figueroa, Veronica Gonzalez Laporte, Simon Lee, Jin Roy Ryu, Haelyung Hwang, Joon-mo Kwon, Eugene Bang, Youngha Go, James Park, Myung Ja Kim, So Yoon Park, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise, Crystal Park, Dong Dong Sun-hwa and Song Seung-hyun attended this forum,  which was held in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

The French Ambassador gave a warm welcome and thanked everyone who came.

Choi Jungwha, President of CICI, briefly introduced everyone and shared good news of CICI members.

We had a pleasant evening with a French dinner and flavorful wine prepared with great care by the French Embassy.

After the meal, Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto, gave us a lecture on ‘Metaverse and AI’.

Simon Lee was selected as 'Asia's Rising Star' by Forbes, and Flitto has more than 10 million users in 173 countries and more than 100 million sentences of accumulated data. The company is currently the leading company in the language big data industry. 

Through the lecture, we were able to learn about the changes in trend brought by the metaverse and the direction the next-generation artificial intelligence development will be taking.

A lively Q&A session followed the lecture. 

We would like to thank Simon Lee who gave an informative lecture for members and H.E Ambassador Philippe Lefort and Faiza Lefort for inviting members to their residence for this wonderful gathering.

We would also like to express thanks to all members who attended despite their busy schedules, as well as Crystal Park for her interpretation help.

For more pictures, please click the link below.

Metaverse and AI – by Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto

 What is the metaverse? These days, there are a lot of articles about the metaverse and AI on the internet. The metaverse and AI are actually closely related. In the metaverse world, ‘objects’ are created. For example, an AI could learn how a mouth moves and forms shapes when speaking, so when the ‘object’ speaks, the AI automatically implements the shape of the mouth moving. When there was no artificial intelligence, we had to draw all the mouth shapes one by one. All actions through artificial intelligence learning such as acting, walking, speaking are significant in the metaverse.

 Has anyone here ever used a service called Zepeto? Zepeto is a metaverse platform used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. It is used more widely than Facebook in Korea and most users are young teens. They have quickly adapted to the full artificial intelligence world and have fun using it, and many cultures are already being created in virtual reality, while the older generation has a hard time adapting to the unprecedented environment.

 There is also a new technology that uses artificial intelligence in composites. It is a well-known technology called deepfake, where an AI will synthesize the face of a person onto another person. In this video, it seems like Tom Cruise really appeared in Iron Man, but in fact, he was never in the movie.

 ‘Rosie’, a popular influencer in Korea, is not a real person, but was created with AI. She has a lot of fans and followers all around the world. Using virtual influencers like Rosie in marketing is becoming a new trend because virtual influencers can work in multiple locations at the same time and are cost-effective.

 Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the metaverse and AI go hand in hand, but no one seems to associate the metaverse with language AI. This is because the public believes that the language barrier will one day be broken down by AI technology, and developers think that language is an unrealizable field in the metaverse.

 My company Flitto is currently a beta tester of the metaverse office Metapolis, and it has many advantages such as making it easier for managers to run the company and eliminating the need for employees to go into the office. However, if the language barrier is not broken down when talking with foreign employees in the metaverse, it’ll be impossible to provide global services.

 Last year, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, invested a huge amount in GPT-3, an open AI language AI system. It is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning, meaning it can learn materials on the internet by itself through its computing capabilities. 

 However, AI can only go so far. Current AI is advanced enough to solve mathematical problems, but it cannot tell which data is correct. In other words, AI just provides an answer based on the data it is most exposed to, without really understanding the question. There is also the problem with AI learning data that people did not give express permission to use. 

 Many experts expect that it will not be easy to create a perfect AI. To complement the limitations of artificial intelligence and deliver human emotions, human intervention is absolutely necessary.
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