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Title Korea CQ - 'Age of Self-PR, Social Media Marketing How to take good pictures on Smartphones’ By Keith Joon Hyung Park, CEO of Keith Studios
Posted by webmaster Hit 56 Date 2021.06.16

On May 11, Keith Joon Hyung Park, photographer and CEO of Keith Studios, gave a special lecture on 'Age of Self-PR, Social Media Marketing - How to take good pictures on Smartphones’

H.E. Bruno Figueroa, Veronica Gonzalez Laporte, H.E. Philip Turner, Hiroshi Ikeda, Keith Park, Claire Hong, Brian Harris, Youn Young Kim, Myungja Kim, Sungju Lee, James Park, Jai Wook Lee, Do won Seol, Youngha Go, Jie Ae Sohn, Hyung mo Jung, Hooran Kim, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise, and Nina Park participated. 

The forum started with welcoming remarks by CICI President Choi Jungwha, followed by a special dinner prepared by Grand Hyatt Seoul. 

The lecture started after dinner. 

Keith Park graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, and started his studio in L.A. where we became a well-known photographer for the U.S Asian market AD such as Mc Donald’s, WalmartUPS, TOYOTA (Camry, Corolla, RAV4), etc. In 2011, he also started a studio in Korea and is a specializing in commercials, cosmetics, food, portrait, interior and lifestyle photography


In this special lecture, he showed members how to set your phone camera settings to help take better pictures, use of lighting, using editing apps such as Kakao talk and Line Camera, and also how to have good photos of yourself taken by others. 

After the lecture, members asked many questions, leading to a lively Q&A session.

We would like to thank Mr. Keith Park for his insightful lecture. We would also like to express thanks to all members who attended despite their busy schedules, as well as Nina Park for her interpretation help.

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