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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of Design House forum
Posted by webmaster Hit 218 Date 2020.05.21
Dear Korea CQ Members,
On May 12th, Korea CQ visited the new headquarters of Design House, in Jangchung-dong.
H.E. Peteris Vaivars, H.E. Failla Federico, Sin Wah Wong, Lourdes Jimenez Ovelar, Erwan Vilfeu, Young Hye Lee, Daniel Park, So Yoon Park, Yun Jung Park, Kwon Ha Ryu, Yoon Young Kim, Il Gwon Shim, Didier Beltoise, Choi Jungwha, and Crystal Park attended this event.


Young Hye Lee, CEO of Design House, welcomed our members at the 'Cha-ji-so' book-cafe, and gave a tour of the Design House building. 




The building often called a masterpiece of the architect Seung H-Sang, and it represents his philosophy of 'harmonization between the city and nature'. The building received the Korean Architecture Culture Award and the Korea Architects Association Award, and was also selected as one of 'Korea's Best 10 Modern Architectures by 100 Architects'. 
The walls of the interior coved with hanji (traditional Korean paper), the pavilion made of wood-like steel structures and vines, and the many artworks that could be seen all around, such as 'Nam June Paik' by Nam June Paik, 'Red Sansu' by Sea Hyun Lee, and 'Fluidity' by Kajin Lee, all amazed the participants. 


Members also had a look at the workshop, where a photoshoot of the magazine 'Style H' was taking place, and also took a photo together at the special photo studio. 


After the tour, members gathered at the 'mo-i-so gallery' on the 1st floor, and enjoyed champagne and handmade yang-gaeng (Korean snack) especially prepared by Design House. 

Young Hye Lee then introduced the history of Design House as well as some of their many projects. Eun Ryung Kim, head of Design House's Magazines, and Sang Yun Cho, head of Design House's exhibition business, also gave special talks on Design House's many monthly magazines and exhibitions such as the Seoul Living Design Fair, and Seoul Design Festival. 

It was a special opportunity to visit Design House, which has become the top design media in Korea.


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Young Hye Lee for inviting us to Design House to have this special forum. We would also like to thank all members who attended, and Crystal Park for her interpreting help. 
Thank you.

MeeJung Kim

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