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Title CICI-Korea CQ -Winter Welcoming Gathering
Posted by webmaster Hit 639 Date 2019.12.06

Dear CICI Supporters & Korea CQ,

I hope you are having a great day.

On November 26, the CICI-Korea CQ Winter Welcoming Gathering was held at the InterContinental Seoul COEX.

CICI Supporters dressed in Red & White, the dress code of the evening, had time to catch up with each other.

The gathering started with a welcoming speech by professor Choi Jungwha, president of CICI
Then, participants watched a video on 2019 CICI Activities” so that members could look back at the enjoyable memories and see what CICI supporters and Korea CQ members did to promote Korean culture to the world.

We then commenced the award ceremony to recognize those who passionately participated in and supported Korea CQ forums and CICI's activities.
H.E. Csoma Mózes, Hungarian Ambassador, and Sunmi Nam, Spouse of Hungarian Ambassador, were awarded the Korea CQ Cooperation Award. James Park, Director of BIO Plastic Surgery, was awarded the Korea CQ Friendship Award.

After the award ceremony, Mark Chung, president of KCMI, gave a mini talk about Musical Hamilton, one of Broadways greatest hits musical.

After the interesting talk, the dinner started with a special toast from H.E. Peteris Vaivars, Latvian Ambassador, H.E Bader Mohammad AlAwadi, Kuwaiti Ambassador, and H.E Mozes Csoma, Hungarian Ambassador.


After dinner, Choi Jungwha, president of CICI shared the good news of CQ members and CICI Supporters.

Through the Korea CQ Quiz Night, we could feel the members’ passion for Korea CQ Forums and their affection for culture. After the heated rounds Haewon Park, CEO of CHA BIO F&C became the winner of the quiz night.
Following the Quiz Night, participants played “Guess the picture under the blocks” game where each team had to guess what the given image was by looking at parts of the image as the blocks were removed one by one.
Members were separated by tables into six teams, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange and participated in the game very passionately. After the heated rounds, Dr. Hong Jeong-Ug’s Orange Team won the “Guess the picture under the blocks” game. 

The Orange team that won the game were given ‘Biotics(100 Billion) Makgeolli’ sponsored by Mr. Sang Min Bae, Managing Director at KookSoonDang, as a reward.
After the game, we watched the video about CICI upcoming programs of the first half of 2020. 

The best dressers of the day were Mr. Bernhard Brender, General Manager of Grand Hilton, and Ms. Yuni Chung, president of Oliversweet, who fit perfectly with the Red & White dress code.

Lastly, participants had lucky draw time. Congratulations to all the winners.
CICI would like to show gratitude to H.E Bader Mohammad AlAwadi, Kuwaiti Ambassador, Christian Marcos, President of L’Oreal Korea, Bernhard Brender, GM of Grand Hilton, Stephane Lo, Executive Managing Director of KL Limited, Julia Moon, President of Universal Cultural Foundation, Myung Ja Kim, President of Bow Industrial Corporation, Joohyun Ha, President of NAOS KOREA, Meng Seo Hyun, CEO of CNC Company, Sang Min Bae, Managing Director of KookSoonDang, Didier Beltoise, president of Cs, for sponsoring lucky draw items and prizes for the evening.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all Korea CQ members and CICI supporters for your participation, and Crystal Park for her interpretation.
Thank you once again for your participation and we look forward to your continuous support in 2020.
Thank you.
Korea CQ Heejae Shin

Please click on the link below to see more photos



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