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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of CCF 2019
Posted by webmaster Hit 87 Date 2019.07.23

Culture Communication Forum 2019

CCF (Culture Communication Forum) aims to introduce the essence of Korean culture to the world and to communicate with different cultures around the globe.

This year's CCF 2019 was held under the theme of Content Creators, and 11 content creators from all around the world participated as delegates from June 30 - July 2, 2019.


DAY 1 – Briefing Dinner

Delegates from all over the world finally gathered to get to know each other over dinner and to hear about the next two days' schedule.


DAY 2  Korean Cultural Attractions

On July 1, delegates gathered together and moved to our first destination, the Korea Furniture Museum.
As we entered the museum, the journey back to Korea of hundreds of years ago began.



While looking around the stunning Hanok (Korean traditional houses) and antique Korean furniture, Hee-moon Lee, Korean delegate of CCF 2019, surprised everyone with a wonderful Korean folk song along with the sound of Haegeum & Daegeum. (traditional Korean instruments)



After enjoying the morning within nature and traditional Korean architecture and furniture, the delegates headed to Onjium to experience traditional Korean clothing, food, and architecture.



When observing Korean traditional buildings at Jib Gong bang (architecture workshop), the delegates appreciated the refined and practical styles of Korean architecture. 

The delegates had a great time at Ot gong bang (clothing workshop), learning about the historical stories of the Korean traditional attire Hanbok.



Lastly, luncheon at Mat gong bang (Food workshop) surprised the delegates with a splendid contemporary Hansik (Traditional Korean food).

After the delightful luncheon, weve moved to the National Museum of Korea.

As we arrived, Mr. Kidong Bae, Director General of National Museum of Korea, greeted the delegates and gifted the National Museum of Korea's English catalog to everyone. 

After signing on the guest book and taking a group photo, we looked around the Korean artifacts.


It was a meaningful time to slowly look back at Korean artifacts with the commentary and learn about Korean history.

After learning about the history and traditions of Korea from all the historical places, delegates moved on to experience the modern side of Korea.

The first stop was the global headquarters of Amorepacific to experience K-beauty, which has become the landmark of Yongsan with the beautiful moon jar shaped structure.

Everyone was amazed that many of the world-renowned cosmetic brands, IOPE, LANEIGE, Etude House, Hera, ARITAUM including Hanyul and Sulwhasoo were all subsidiary companies of Amorepacific.


During the tour, delegates had time to hear about the brand identity and values of Amorepacific, one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world.

The next destination was Hyundai Card Music Library.

Hyundai Card Music Library inspires people in their daily life through the analogue medium vinyl. The delegates stopped and reminisced, resting for a bit after the full-day experience.

We had our dinner at Congdu which introduces traditional Korean dishes to the world with beans and Jang, Korean paste or sauce, which are the basis of Korean cuisine.

Over nicely-cooked dinner and Korean Makgeolli, the delegates got to know each other better.


DAY 3 – CCF 2019 & CCF Night 2019

The last day of CCF 2019 began.

In the morning of July 2, the discussion of CCF 2019 began with sharing each delegates experiences in Seoul of the previous day.

And then the discussion was held under the theme of 'Trends and Communication of Contents'.


All delegates and panelists actively discussed about 4 fields; Visual, Writing, Performance and 

YouTube & Content Creation. It was a very meaningful and useful discussion.


After the discussion, delegates had individual interviews with the press. 

In the evening, CCF Night 2019, the finale of CCF, finally commenced.



After the welcoming speech by Professor Choi Jungwha, President of CICI, Mr. Kim Taehoon, 

Director of Korean Culture and Information Service, Chang Jae-Bok, Ambassador for Public 

Diplomacy and H.E Fabien Penone, French Ambassador to South Korea delivered congratulatory remarks.

Then the CCF 2019 delegates interview session with Mr. Joseph Young, President of AG&P, took place, where they shared their experiences and opinions on Korea and their tour of Seoul the 

previous day.


Following the interview, a special video by photographer Bohnchang Koo was played. By the video named Vessel-T 2019, we appreciated the beauty of the appearance of Joseon white porcelain. 

Next, weve shared the results of the Survey on Koreas Image and all the participants found very interesting;

The results showed that both foreigners and Koreans picked Si-hyuk Bang, the producer of BTS, as No.1 
creator that comes to mind. And BTS was chosen as the No.1 Korean who people want 
to meet the most.

This result showed the interest in K-Pop increased globally due to BTS's performance.


Delicious contemporary Korean dishes were prepared for dinner by Grand Hyatt Seoul. 

Before starting dinner, Mr. Kyung-sik Sohn, Chairman of CJ Group, and H.E. Yasumasa Nagamine, Japanese Ambassador to Korea, proposed toasts to congratulate CCF 2019.


Also, Sorikkun Hee-moon Lee and Jazz Band Prelude gave an outstanding performance of a jazzy

rendition of Gyeonggi Minyos <Nanbong-ga> and <Cheongchun-ga> that left all audience enthralled by their powerful and unique sound.

And all participants gave big applause for the inspiring encore of Gangwon-do Arirang.

At last, the time for Lucky Draw that everybody had been waiting for so long took place.

A big congratulations to all our winners!


Above is the photo of 11 delegates and participants celebrating the opening of CCF Night 2019.

We look forward to hearing the news that all of these delegates take part in promoting Korean culture in their home countries.

In order to see more pictures, please click:

Also to watch the full Sketch Video o fCCF 2019, please check the link below:
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