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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of leture on 'Present and future of K-movies & Movie Food'
Posted by webmaster Hit 806 Date 2019.04.08

On April 2, we had a lecture on ‘Present and future of K-movies & Movie Food’ by Ku Chul Kim, Deputy Editor of Culture Desk of Munhwa Ilbo at the residence of the Moroccan Ambassador.


H.E. Chafik Rachadi, Leila Rachadi, H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, H.E. Bader Mohammad AlAwadi, H.E. Mohamed Alharthy,  Ku Chul Kim, Eugene Bang,  Kwon Ha Ryu,  Chun Wook Hyun, Hoo-ran Kim, Jai Wook Lee,  Yun Jung Park,  Weon Hee Soo, Kwi Yeon Kim, Hyunwoo Kim, Sunhwa Dong, Jungwha Choi, Didier Beltoise, Crystal Park attended the forum.
H.E. Chafik Rachadi, Moroccan Ambassador and Mrs. Leila Rachadi warmly greeted everyone and the members had some time to catch up during the reception.

The forum began with the Moroccan Ambassador’s welcoming speech.
The ambassador welcomed and thanked all the guests, and a video of colorful and exotic Morocco was played. 


Before the lecture, members enjoyed Moroccan dishes specially prepared by H.E. Chafik Rachadi and Mrs.Leila Rachadi.
Moroccan Salad with Tomato & Green Pepper, Beet & Avocado Salad, Apple & Dry Fig Salad, Cauliflower Gratin , Pastilla with Chicken & Almonds, Beef with Prunes and Apricots, Chicken with Olives and Lemon, Grilled fish with spinach, white sauce & rice, Couscous with beef & vegetable, Konafa, Tiramisu, and Pannacotta 


After dinner, the video of the past and upcoming events of CICI in 2019 was played.

And, finally, the movie expert Ku Chul Kim's lecture on ‘Present and future of K-movies & Movie Food’ began.  In his lecture, he showed his sharp analysis of the Korean film industry.


In the second part of the lecture, 'Movie Food', he emphasized the joy food scene gives and its role of food in the movies. 
He gave examples of food in movies, explaining their meaning, and showed photos of the 'Movie Foods' that he cooked himself. Through the photos, we could see his love and passion for movies.

We would like to thank H.E. Chafik Rachadi and Mrs. Leila Rachadi for making it a memorable night for members with their warm hospitality, amazing Moroccan dishes, and unexpected wonderful gifts 'Morrocan argan oil & olive soap'.  
We would also like to thank Deputy Editor Ku Chul Kim for his interesting and informative lecture.
Last but not least, we would like to thank all members who attended the forum, and Ms. Crystal Park for her interpretation help.
On May 14 (Tues), we will be visiting Ilshin Spinning Headquarters in Yeouido thanks to the kind invitation of Mr. Kim Young-ho, President of Ilshin Spinning who has made a tremendous contribution to support the conservation of cultural heritage, organizations, and artists in the areas of music, art, architecture, and theater.
We look forward to your interest and participation.

Thank you.

Please click on the link below to see more photos ↓


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