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Title Korea CQ - Epilogue of lecture on 'Historical Sites of an Ancient Capital, Kaesong'
Posted by webmaster Hit 310 Date 2019.02.25
Dear Korea CQ Members,

On February 19, Korea CQ had a lecture on ‘Historical Sites of an Ancient Capital, Kaesong’ by Professor Elisabeth Chabanol at the New Zealand Ambassador’s residence.

H.E. Philip Turner, Hiroshi Ikeda, H.E. Chafik Rachadi, Leila Rachadi, H.E. Bader Mohammad Al-Awardi, H.E. Mozes Csoma, Sunmi Nam, Elisabeth Chabanol, Valerie Boissonneault, Do Won Seol, Yunjung Han, Hee Soo Weon, Yun Jung Park, Hooran Kim, Jake Kim Jinjoo Koo, Sung Hoon Choi, Samia Mounts, Ardi Barnard, Choi Jungwha, Didier Beltoise, and Crystal Park attended this forum.

CQ members arrived on time and had time to catch up during the reception.


H.E. Philip Turner warmly welcomed CQ members with a warm welcoming speech, followed by a video showing the beauty of New Zealand.


Before the lecture, members enjoyed delicious dinner and rich wine from New Zealand; Green shell mussel avocado and orange salad, creamy vegetable soup, fillet steak with pumpkin potato rosti and seasonal vegetables, and Manuka honey lemon cream pudding with kiwi fruits for dessert.


After dinner, members watched the music video ‘I’ by K-pop star TaeYeon from Girls’ Generation, which shows beautiful scenery of Auckland, followed by a video on the activities of CICI.

After watching the two videos, the lecture by Professor Elisabeth Chabanol started. 

Professor Elisabeth Chabanol, who is the Head of the French School of Asian Studies, Seoul Center, has studied Korean archaeology and art history for 30 years, traveling between South and North Korea with love and passion for Korean culture.


In this lecture, members learned about the historical sites in Kaesong, that have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the history of Kaesong, as well as how Kaesong looks today. Members also had the opportunity to hear about Professor Chabanol’s current excavation projects. 

We would like to thank H.E. Philip Turner for his warm hospitality and wonderful New Zealand dishes, making it an unforgettable night for Korea CQ members, and for Professor Elisabeth Chabanol for her interesting and informative lecture. We would also like to thank all members who attended the forum, and Crystal Park for her interpretation help.

On March 12, Korea CQ will be having the lecture 'Trend Korea 2019: Ten Consumer Trends' by the renowned trend expert Rando Kim, Consumer Studies Professor at Seoul National University who has written various best-selling books such as 'Youth, It's painful' and 'Trend Korea 2019,’ at the Singaporean Ambassador’s Residence. We look forward to our members’ interest and support.

Thank you again for your unwavering support, and we wish you a pleasant day.

Korea CQ MeeJung Kim


For more pictures, please click the link below.

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