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Title Epilogue of CCF 2018
Posted by webmaster Hit 114 Date 2018.09.07

CCF Night 2018 Culture Communication Forum


CCF (Culture Communication Forum) aims to introduce the essence of Korean culture to the world and to communicate with different cultures around the globe.

CCF 2018 held the 2nd ‘Korea through the Lens, Photography & Video Contest’ to see Korea in a new light.

This year, 10 leaders in cultural and communication fields participated in the CCF 2018 as delegates from August 28-29, 2018.



On August 28, the first day of our Cultural Communication Forum started with late rain in summer, but when we arrived at our first destination, Changdeockgung Palace, the bright sunshine greeted the delegates.



Our delegates walked through Changdeockgung Palace Secret Garden, the most well-preserved original form of Joseon palace which represents nature-friendly aesthetics of the Korean people.



The delegates were given the chance to learn about the history and art of Joseon Dynasty while roaming around the palace. Strolling along the ponds and Huwon, they also enjoyed the beauty and serenity of living within nature.


The Royal Palace tour ended taking pictures with the young tourists in beautiful Hanbok, traditional Korean attire, leaving unforgettable memories for the delegates'.


After enjoying the time within nature, the delegates headed to Onjium to experience traditional Korean clothing, food, and house.


When observing Korean traditional buildings at ‘Jib Gong bang (architecture workshop)’, the delegates appreciated the refined and practical styles of Korean architecture.


The delegates had a great time at ‘Ot gong bang (clothing workshop)’, actually getting the chance to see, touch, and take pictures of Korean traditional attire Hanbok.



Lastly, luncheon at ‘Mat gong bang (Food workshop)’ surprised the delegates with a splendid contemporary Hansik (Traditional Korean food).



After having a finely arranged and delicious Korean meal, we went to the global headquarters of AMOREPACIFIC to experience K-beauty, where it is emerging as the landmark of Yongsan with the beautiful moon jar shaped structure.


Everyone was amazed that many of the world-renowned cosmetic brands, IOPE, LANEIGE, Etude House, Hera, ARITAUM including Hanyul and Sulwhasoo were all subsidiary companies of AMOREPACIFIC.

그림8.jpg 그림7.jpg

After the tour, we had time to hear about the brand identity of AMOREPACIFIC, one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world.


Everyone was impressed by the presentation, and expressed a great interest, asking many thoughtful questions during the Q&A time.


The next destination was the Korea Furniture Museum, which CNN had also introduced as the most beautiful museum in Seoul. As we entered the museum, the journey back to Korea of hundreds of years ago began.


The delegates were fascinated by the stunning beauty of Hanok (Korean traditional housing) and antique Korean furniture.


Then, we visited ODE Maison, the high end audio showroom with the best quality sound equipment in experiencing K-pop.

Before enjoying K-pop, satisfying break with delicious canapes and champagne were prepared by ODE Maison.


With those, we moved to the cinema, Orfeo, which is devoted to music and acted as a platform that combines music production and distribution with performances and displays.


Watching the concerts with the best audio and visual facilities of the world famous singers Psy and BTS at Orfeo was a spectacular experience. Everyone was impressed by the stereoscopic sound and breathtaking K-pop performance.



The last event for the day was Jungyookpo & Congdu Collaboration Dinner.


The CCF 2018 Korean delegate Kim Jungja who is an expert in traditional Korean beef jerky, and her daughter Jiyoon Kim proceeded the presentation and tasting with such passion and devotion.


It was truly a meaningful time, tasting various parts of rare and high-priced Korean traditional beef jerky matching with different drinks, such as whiskey and port wine.



All the interesting cultural experiences in Korea that satisfied all our five senses ended with an exceptional dinner designed by Congdu.






The second day began.


On the morning of August 29, the Press Meeting with CCF 2018 Delegates began with 10 opinion leaders from all around the world eager to share their experience in Seoul and give remarks on the winning works of Korea through the Lens, Photography & Video contest.



In the evening, CCF Night, the finale of CCF, finally commenced.


After the welcoming speech by Prof. Choi Jungwha, President of CICI, H.E. Han Seung-soo, the former Prime Minister, Mr. Kim Taehoon, Deputy Minister, Director of Korean Culture and Information Service, and H.E Harry Harris, U.S Ambassador to South Korea delivered congratulatory remarks.





Then the CCF 2018 delegates’ interview session with Mr. Joseph Young, Representative Director of Bureau Veritas Korea, took place, where they shared their experiences and opinions on Korea and their tour of Seoul the previous day.


Following the interview, the award viewing and ceremony of the 2nd ‘Korea through the Lens, Photography & Video Contest' was presented.

The Grand Award went to the picture, ‘View Over Seoul’ by Teodorescu Iordan Daniel, Embassy of Romania for capturing the harmony of tradition and modern dusk scenery of Seoul and the warm atmosphere that brings audiences to be enchanted by the coziness of Seoul.


The Excellence Award went to the picture ‘Morning Walk’ by Kweonyeol Oh for depicting the warmth and solidarity of Korean people through the narrow alleys between the stone walls of thatched houses in Suncheon Naganeupseong.

그림 44.png

Lastly, H.E Peteris Vaivars, Lativian Ambassador to Korea received the Special Award for his picture ‘The Guards of Seoul’, which captures the pride and dignity of the guards guarding Deoksugung Palace with the eyes of a foreigner.

그림 55.png

Next, the Survey Results, “World’s View on Korea, Korea’s View on the World” was finally released, which all the participants found very interesting; The Results showed that both foreigners and Koreans think ‘Major Korean companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, or LG’ contributed the most to making the image of Korea today.

Also people answered that the most influential cultural event that affected Korea’s impression the most in the first half of 2018 was the impressive opening and closing ceremonies of Pyeongchang Olympics, which spread the essence of Korean Culture with its presentation of tradition and cutting-edge technology.

Recognizing the effort of Seung-whan Song, General Director of PyeongChang Winter Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremony, which imprinted Korea to the mind of the world, CICI awarded the K-Culture Communication Award for the first time since its establishment.

그림 66.png


Following the survey result, Journey of Jungyookpo & One-Bite Tasting by the CCF 2018 Korean delegate, Kim Jungja began.


Before starting dinner, Mr. Kyung-sik Sohn, CEO of CJ Group and H.E. Yasumasa Nagamine, Japanese Ambassador to Korea proposed toasts to congratulate CCF 2018.




A special memory stunt and presentation on Memory & Brain Boosting Tips by Eran Katz, the CCF 2018 Israeli delegate, proceeded after dinner.


Also, Korean Voice Performer Jung Eunhye and Jung Eunhye Company’s Music Friends gave an outstanding performance with two southern folk songs of Korea <Ganggangsulae> and <Bird Song> that left all audience enthralled by their powerful sound.



At last, the time for lucky draw that everybody had been waiting for so long started.



A big congratulations to all our winners!


Above is the photo of 10 delegates and participants celebrating the opening of CCF Night 2018.


We look forward to hear the news that all of these delegates take part in promoting Korean culture in their home countries.


In order to see more pictures, please click:



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