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Title CICI Korea 2018
Posted by webmaster Hit 779 Date 2018.01.25

CICI Korea 2018 on-the-spot News



CICI Korea 2018, organized by CICI, celebrated its 14th anniversary on January 16. The event gathered much attention even before the event actually took place.


Around 700 people, including Korean and foreign entrepreneurs and diplomatic envoys, enlightened the event with their presence.




A photo time took place with Choi Jungwha, president of CICI, the Korea Image awardees, Han Seung-soo, former Prime Minister, Yangho Cho, president of Hanjin Group, H.E. Charles John Hay, U.K Ambassador, H.E. Fabien Penone, French Ambassador, H.E. Yasumasa Nagamine, Japanese Ambassador, H.E. Marco della Seta, Italian Ambassador, H.E. Yip Wei Kiat, Singaporean Ambassador, H.E. Vikram Doraiswami, Indian Ambassador, Kim Dong-ho, former president of Busan International Film Festival, Enna Park, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy, Lee Wook-heon, Chief of Protocol, Kim Taehoon, Director of the Korean Culture and Information Service, Ahn Sung-gi, Korean Actor, and Didier Beltoise, president of CS.



CICI Korea 2018 commenced with the reception cocktail, and the participants gathered at the reception place welcoming each other.




Perrier, sponsored by CUC, was provided during the reception.


CICI Korea 2018 started with the screening of ‘Together in Harmony’ by calligrapher Kang Byung In.


The president of CICI Choi Jungwha then delivered a greeting message to the guests, followed by congratulatory remarks given by former Prime Minister Han Seung-soo, UK Ambassador H.E. Charles John Hay, and Lee Hee Beom, President of the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Games Organizing Committee.


After all the celebratory messages, the Korea Image Award ceremony took place.


The Korea Image Stepping Stone Award went to CJ Group, and Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik received the award.





The Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award was given to Joachim Son-Forget, president of the France-Korea Friendship Association of Congressmen.





Lastly, SNS Star Angelina Danilova received the Korea Image Flower Stone Award.




After the award ceremony, Stepping Stone Bridge Awardee Joachim Son-Forget gave a special piano performance. As a recognized harpsichordist, Joachim Son-Forget has performed a series of charity concerts at Victoria Hall in Geneva to support Syrian emergency healthcare, and will be performing at the Al Bustan Music Festival in Beirut, Lebanon in March. At CICI Korea 2018, he specially performed ‘Adagio’ and ‘The Mysterious Barricades.’


Before starting dinner, Enna Park, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy, H.E. Marco dell Seta, Italian Ambassador, and Taehoon Kim, Director of the Korean Culture and Information Service, proposed toasts to congratulate CICI Korea 2018.




A fantastic contemporary Korean dinner was prepared by the InterContinental Coex Hotel team.


While enjoying dinner, the auction and lucky draw took place with auctioneer Joseph Young, Representative Director of Bureau Veritas Korea.




Congratulations again to all the winners!




Towards the end of dinner, singer Son Yelim, who was the youngest contestant to make it to the final round of the preliminary session of the popular audition program ‘Superstar K3,’ presented her heavenly voice with the songs ‘Happy me’ and ‘Make you feel my love,’ amazing everyone in the ballroom.




The last stage was filled by the Verdiani Gukak Ensemble with guitarist Kwon Chung-Goo. The group dazzled their performance of ‘Snow Flowers in Winter’ and ‘Sun Light,’ both of which were composed by the guitarist Kwon Chung-Goo.


We would like to thank everyone for making the event more splendid, and we promise we will do our best to further promote Korea’s positive image to the rest of the world.




Thank you very much.



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