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Title Epilogue of CCF 2017, Korea through the Lens
Posted by webmaster Hit 573 Date 2017.09.06
CCF 2017, Korea through the Lens
CCF (Culture Communication Forum) aims to introduce the essence of Korean culture to the world and to communicate with different cultures around the globe. CCF 2017 newly held ‘Korea through the Lens, Video&Photography Contest’ to see Korea in a new light.

This year, 7 leaders in cultural and communication fields participated in the CCF 2017, Korea through the Lens as delegates from August 28-29, 2017.


The first day of CCF 2017 welcomed the delegates with a cool breeze, the start of autumn as summer faded.

On the morning of August 28, we started off our day by visiting the Korea Furniture Museum, which CNN also introduced as the most beautiful museum in Seoul in 2011. As we entered the museum, the journey began leading to Korea of hundreds of years ago.

The delegates marveled at the beauty of Korean house, Hanok and furniture while roaming around the Korea Furniture Museum. 

After enjoying the time travel within the Korea Furniture Museum, the delegates headed to POOM SEOUL to experience Hansik, the traditional Korean cuisine for the first time during this year’s CCF.

The delegates admired the refined, yet comfortable POOM SEOUL, and they also enjoyed Hansik, the finest flavors of each season in each dishes. Also they had a lot of fun with Ssam, the Korean lettuce wraps, which was the first time for them, with their five senses. 

After having well-presented and delicious Korean dishes, the delegates turned their steps towards Choonwondang Museum of Korean Medicine.

The delegates learned the vivid history of Korean traditional medicine through the various artifacts that have been collected by Choonwondang, which has been open for 8 generations since 1847. 

Furthermore, they could see vividly how Korean traditional medicine is made with modern machinery.
After the tour, the delegates headed to the Jogyesa Temple. Located in central Jongno, Seoul, it is a place where people take sanctuary away from their daily hectic lives. 

The delegates also felt relaxed, looking around the temple, a good example of Korean traditional Buddhist architecture, and lotus flowers in bloom.

So far the delegates experienced the traditional side of Korea; now it’s time for the contemporary one. 
We went to the Hyundai Card ‘Design Lab’ and ‘Card Factory’ which is a factory that produces nearly five million cards annually, reinventing the financial capital narrative by viewing it from an industrial capital perspective.

 The place showcased how credit cards used in our daily lives are produced like a work of installation art. The delegates lost theirselves appreciating its process, a piece of art.   
After having the pleasure of seeing, we headed to the Hyundai Card ‘Music Library’ for the pleasure of listening.
Hyundai Card ‘Music Library’ inspires people in their daily life through the analogue medium ‘vinyl.’ The delegates indulged in reminiscing in a time machine, vinyl.

We had our dinner at Congdu which introduces traditional Korean dishes to the world with beans and Jang, Korean paste or sauce, which are the basis of Korean cuisine.
Over nicely-cooked dinner and flavoury wine, the delegates got to know each other better.

Our first day ended with night tours of Gyeongbok Palace. 
It started with the moonlight of the autumn night. The delegates enjoyed a serene atmosphere, a different kind of beauty than in the daytime, while roaming around the Gyeongbok Palace illuminated by colorful lights.

Our first day of CCF 2017 ended taking pictures with young Koreans in Hanbok, traditional Korean attire, leaving unforgettable memories to the delegates’ minds.
Day 2
The second day began.

On the morning of August 29, the Press Meeting with CCF 2017 Delegates began with 7 opinion leaders from all around the world eager to share their experience in Seoul and give remarks on the winning works of Korea through the Lens, Video&Photography contest.


In the evening, CCF Night, the finale of CCF, finally commenced.
After the welcoming speech by Prof. Choi Jungwha, President of CICI, H.E. Han Seung-soo, the former Prime Minister, Mr. Roh Tae-kang, Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Mr.Jean Vincent Placé, French Senator and CCF 2017 Delegate, delivered congratulatory speeches.


With the start of remarks of Bae Bien-U, Head Judge of Korea through the Lens, Video, Photography contest, the ‘Korea through the Lens’ Award Viewing and Ceremony was presented.  
The Grand Award is Beautiful Korea and Hangeul by Kang Byung-In, Calligrapher & Lim Chae Wook, Photographer, for an outstanding piece of work conveying the beauty of Korea through the beauty of Hangeul and the scenic splendors of Korea.


Following the ceremony, we had the delegates’ interview session with Ms. Lim Hyang Ok Jade, Professor of GSIT, HUFS, where they shared their experiences and opinions on the one-day Seoul tour and ‘Korea through the Lens’ contest.

Next, the Survey Results, Glimpse into Daily Life in Korea was finally released, where all the participants find it very interesting; with the question which Korean product you would you introduce to your country?, Foreigners answered ‘call bells in restaurants’ and Koreans answered ‘Delivery apps’.
Following the survey results, H.E. Yasumasa Nagamine, Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Sohn Kyung-sik, CEO of CJ Group, Ms. Enna Park, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy, and H.E. Vikram Doraiswami, Indian Ambassador, proposed toasts to congratulate Korea through the Lens, CCF 2017.

Soon, the well-presented and delicious dinner was served.
Over dinner, H.E. Clare Fearnley, New Zealand Ambassador, H.E. Charles John Hay, British Ambassador, and H.E Thomas Lehmann, Danish Ambassador shared their own interesting views on the survey results of, Glimpse into Daily Life in Korea. Thanks to their insights, CCF 2017 became more fruitful. 

Towards the end of dinner, the group ‘Black String’, named ‘one of the most exciting groups in Korea today’ by Songlines, gave a Gugak and Jazz collaboration performance, and the last stage where they played Arirang with all the audience left a strong aftertaste to everyone’s mind.

At last, there was the time for lucky draw that everybody had been waiting for so long started.
A big congratulations to all our winners!


Above is the photo that the 7 delegates and VIPs took to celebrate the opening of CCF Night 2017.
We look forward to hearing the news that all of these delegates take part in promoting Korean culture in their home countries.

In order to see more pictures, please click:


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