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Title [Events] Changes in work environment biggest impact of coronavirus outbreak: CICI [The Korea Times 2020-02-27]
Posted by webmaster Hit 239 Date 2020.02.28

The coronavirus outbreak is having a big impact on the work environment, according to a recent CICI survey. Yonhap

The coronavirus outbreak is having a big impact on the work environment, according to a recent CICI survey. Yonhap

By Dong Sun-hwa

The greatest impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic is changes in the work environment, according to an online survey of 379 Korean and foreign opinion leaders.

The Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI), a global culture promotion advocacy, conducted a survey on Feb. 24-27, asking 204 Korean and 175 foreign respondents about changes in their lifestyles following the outbreak of the deadly virus, which arose from Wuhan in central China.

More than 78 percent of the foreign participants and 69 percent of the Korean respondents said the biggest alteration was made in their workplaces. To prevent the further spread of the virus, more companies are calling off group events and allowing employees to telecommute.

Both foreigners and Koreans picked extra care of personal hygiene as the second-biggest change. Over 69 percent of foreigners and 68 percent of Koreans selected this option. Reducing socialization and leisure activities ranked third and fourth, respectively, for both groups.

CICI also asked what the participants are doing at home, as they spend longer inside to avoid the virus.

More than 81 percent of the foreigners said they read books, while over 71 percent of the Koreans said they watch TV. Watching YouTube videos was the second-favorite choice for both groups, with some 77 percent of the foreigners and 67 percent of the Koreans choosing it.

Over 64 percent of the foreigners said they now spend more time with their families, but contrastingly, only 18 percent of the Koreans picked the option.

The two groups revealed they now mostly resort to online shops and local grocery stores to buy necessities. Both said they want to take a trip as soon as the virus recedes, the top answer. Some 70 percent of the foreigners and 62 percent of the Koreans selected this option.

As of Thursday, Korea had 1,595 confirmed cases and 13 deaths.

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