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Title [Events] CICI invites Flitto CEO to talk about AI [The Korea Times 2019-08-23]
Posted by webmaster Hit 505 Date 2019.08.27
Simon Lee, CEO of translation service provider Flitto, gives a lecture on artificial intelligence (AI) during the Corea Image Communication Institution's 5.4 Club & Korea CQ Forum on Thursday at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas. Courtesy of CICI

By Dong Sun-hwa


Simon Lee, CEO of translation service provider Flitto, talked about how his company utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) during his lecture on Thursday at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas. 


Lee, whose Korean name is Lee Jung-soo, highlighted how AI has brought transformation and innovation to Flitto. 


Established in 2012, Flitto provides accurate translations for over 10 million users in 173 countries using collective intelligence. It has been listed on the KOSDAQ since July.

From top left, Dennis Muldowney, Regional General Manager (Japan and Korea) of Crown Worldwide Group; Brian Harris, General Manager of Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas; Mitchell Williams, Vice President of Kelly Services; Jackie Son, Senior Manager at Crown Worldwide; Mark Meaney, General Manager of Conrad Seoul; H. E. Philip Turner, New Zealand Ambassador; Yong Kwan Kim, CEO of Mast Entertainment; Ian Jeong, Director of Jeong Ian Oriental Medical Clinic; Lee Jai-wook, attorney at Yulchon LLC; Kim Wan-kyu, Chairman of Tong-In International; Choi Jung-wha, President of CICI; Simon Lee, CEO of Flitto; Ha Joo-hyun, CEO of NAOS Korea; Sherry Hwang, Executive Director of DBS Bank Korea; Kim Kwi-yeon, President of CITIAP; Crystal Park, interpreter; Park Yun-jung, CEO of Mint Tour; Bernhard Brender, General Manager of Grand Hilton Seoul, and Didier Beltoise, President of Cs.

His talk was a part of the Corea Image Communication Institution's (CICI) 5.4 Club & Korea CQ Forum. The forum aims to bring together opinion leaders around the world. 


Dozens of opinion leaders, including New Zealand Ambassador H.E. Philip Turner, attended.

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