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Title [CCF] 2019 Culture Communication Forum wraps up [PHOTOS] [The Korea Times 2019-07-03]
Posted by webmaster Hit 449 Date 2019.07.11

The 2019 Culture Communication Forum (CCF) concluded Tuesday at the Grand Hyatt Seoul. Courtesy of CICI

By Dong Sun-hwa

The 2019 Culture Communication Forum (CCF) wrapped up Tuesday at the Grand Hyatt Seoul. 

Eleven content creator delegates from around the world were invited to the event by the global culture promotion advocacy Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI). 

The delegates were YouTuber-recipe developer Gabie Kook, Billboard K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin, Korean folk song master Lee Hee-moon, German photographer Andreas Muhe, Japanese writer Ito Ogawa, Russian film director Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, journalist-think tank director Bronwen Maddox, Indian film director Shakun Batra, Canadian film director Herve Demers, actor-entertainer Robin Deiana and Chinese filmmaker Yusi Cheng. 

They visited several cultural attractions in Seoul on Monday, including the Korean Furniture Museum, the National Museum of Korea, AmorePacific's headquarters and the Hyundai Card "Music Library." 

Along with CICI President Professor Choi Jung-wha and other panelists, delegates on Tuesday discussed content creation in various sectors. 

The event rounded off with "CCF Night," which dozens of opinion leaders attended, including CJ Group Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik. 

"Every country has its own distinctive culture," Sohn said. "If we get accustomed to each other's culture, we would be respected and get a chance to cooperate." 

Professor Choi said: "We have prepared for the CCF for four months. Thank you everyone for supporting us."

The delegates visited several cultural attractions in Seoul on Monday. Courtesy of CICI

Billboard K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin. Courtesy of CICI

The delegates and panelists discussed content creation in various sectors on Tuesday. Courtesy of CICI

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