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Title [News] Samsung selected as most favorite brand in Asia for 7th consecutive year [DongA Ilbo 2018-06-07]
Posted by webmaster Hit 45 Date 2018.06.07
Samsung Electronics Co. has been selected as the most favorite brand among Asian consumers for the seventh consecutive year.

In the 2018 list of “Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands,” an annual listing of the most recognizable brands in the Asia-Pacific region compiled by media and marketing firm Campaign Asia-Pacific and marker research firm Nielsen, Samsung came on top for the seventh straight year, followed by Apple, Panasonic, Sony, Nestle, LG Electronics, Google, Chanel, Nike, and Philips. Aside from Samsung and LG among Korean businesses, Lotte ranked 35th.

Campaign Asia-Pacific attributed Samsung’s continued strong showing to its product competitiveness as well as its brand strategy of pursuing social good, noting that the explosion of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and scandals involving its chief did not lower the company’s popularity.

Samsung ranked 17th in the first survey conducted in 2004, before getting steadily higher in the following years, finishing second for three years from 2009 and staying on top since 2012. LG remained on the sixth, while Google re-entered the top-10 group for the first time in seven years.

Among Chinese companies that have been emerging rapidly, Xiaomi was remarkable, jumping 88 steps to rank 128th, the highest among Chinese firms. By contrast, Lenovo ranked 154th, down from 80th last year.

The survey was conducted from March 16 to April 11 with consumers in 14 Asia-Pacific economies such as South Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Indo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam by asking them about their most trusted brands in 15 industrial sectors.

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