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Title Choi JW Rendez-vous 'Wonders of Unjusa & CNN's top place to visit in Korea?!'
Posted by webmaster Hit 388 Date 2023.06.23
Unjusa Temple has an unusual collection of stone Buddha statues and stone pagodas, and is often referred to as the mysterious temple. Numerous pagodas and statues greet us from the entrance, all the way to the Main Hall - a scenery which I'd never seen before in all my travels to temples in Korea! As I looked at the famous Lying Down Buddha, I was reminded of the Nobel Laureate of Literature Le Clézio, who was so inspired by Unjusa that he wrote the poem 'Unjusa, Autumn Rain'. Before returning to Seoul, we also stopped by at Seryangji reservoir, which was selected by CNN as one of the 50 beautiful places to visit in Korea, and also Heungguka temple, which was declared Jeollanam-do Cultural Heritage Document No. 38. Let's see together through the video!

[랑데부] 운주사.jpg
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