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Title CCF 2020 Survey on Korea's Image - Our lives from now on
Posted by webmaster Hit 2182 Date 2020.07.23

We are conducting a survey in hopes to learn how people's lives have been affected by the "untact culture". 

We ask for just 30 seconds of your precious time in completing this survey. 

All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only. 

Thank you.

Q1. Which keyword(s) about Korea did you encounter most often in 2020? (Please select all that apply)

1) K-Pop

2) Korean movies

3) Inter-Korean affairs

4) COVID-19 Action and Prevention

5) Drama “Kingdom” season 2

6) Other (Please specify)

Q2. What part of your daily life has been impacted the most by the “untact culture”?  (Please select all that apply)

1) Leisure activities (performances, sport events, etc.)

2) Work, business

3) Children’s education

4) Meeting with friends and acquaintances

5) Religious activities

6) Spending patterns

7) The use of transportation (public transportation, taxi, etc.)

8) Other (Please specify)

Q3. Which digital services are you using more often since the beginning of the “age of untact”? (Please select all that apply)

1) Video streaming (Youtube, Netflix, Watcha, etc.)

2) Food delivery app

3) Finance, banking

4) Health app

5) Internet shopping

6) Games

7) Video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

8) None

9) Other (Please specify)

Q4. Have you experienced any of the new online culture contents that have rised due to the COVID-19? (Please select all that apply)
1) VR and video tour of Museums, art galleries, etc.
2) Live broadcasts online of music concerts, plays, musicals, etc.
3) Musicians' home-live performances on social media
4) Attend a festival through video conference
5) None
6) Other (Please specify)

Q5. How would you like to spend your next vacation in Korea respecting the travel restrictions? (Please select all that apply)
1) Enjoy “hocance” (Hotel + Vacance)
2) Rest at home
3) Travel to places that are not crowded
4) Ecotourism, camping
5) Travel to popular tourist destinations in Korea (Jeju-do, Busan, the eastern cost, etc.)
6) Spa, healing retreats
7) Other (Please specify)

Q6. What do you think will be the biggest change that will take place in Korea due to the “untact culture”? (Please select all that apply)
1) People take more free time
2) The “pali pali (hurry hurry)” culture will decrease
3) People will work more often from home (teleworking)
4) Self payment systems will be installed and used more in offline stores
5) Altruism will spead
6) Telemedicine will become commonly used
7) Other (Please specify)

Q7. Do you think the “untact culture” will continue even after the COVID-19?
1) It won't continue
2) It will decrease a little
3) It will continue
4) It will spread a bit more
5) It will spread a lot more

Q8. Which of the following best describes your age group?
1) 20s
2) 30s
3) 40s
4) 50s
5) 60s
6) Over 70

Q9. Which continent are you from?
1) Europe
2) North America
3) Asia
4) Oceania
5) Africa
6) South America

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