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Title Survey on the 'Changes in our lifestyle with the coronavirus outbreak'
Posted by webmaster Hit 155 Date 2020.02.24

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We are conducting a survey in hopes to learn how the coronavirus outbreak has affected our daily lives. 

We ask for just 20 seconds of your precious time in completing this survey. 

All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only. 

Thank you.

Q1. What parts of your everyday life has been impacted the most by the coronavirus outbreak? (Choose up to 3)

1) Leisure activities: Going to the cinema, concerts, performances, sports matches etc. 

2) Work, business 

3) Meeting with friends and acquaintances 

4) Religious activities 

5) Spending pattern (shopping) 

6) Maintaining cleanliness – wear masks, use hand sanitizers, washing hands etc. 

7) Transportation method: public transport, taxi etc. 

8) Other (Please specify) 

Q2. Since the coronavirus outbreak, how do you usually buy groceries, daily necessities etc.? (Choose up to 2)

1) Buy in bulk at large supermarkets (Emart, Lotte Mart etc.) 

2) Local supermarkets 

3) Online Malls: Coupang, SSG, Gmarket, 11street, Market Kurly etc.

4) Home Shopping 

5) Food Delivery Apps: Baedal Minjok, Yogiyo, Baedaltong, Uber eats etc.
6) Other (Please specify)

Q3. Due to the coronavirus, most are staying indoors and not venturing outside unless absolutely necessary. What do you usually do at home now? (choose all that apply)

1) Mobile & Computer games

2) Watch TV

3) Listen to online lectures and classes

4) Online shopping

5) Read books

6) Hobbies to do alone: drawing, knitting, action figures, playing instruments etc.

7) Watch YouTube

8) Cooking, cleaning

9) Spend more time with family

10) Other (Please specify)


Q4. What do you wish to do first when the coronavirus outbreak ends? (Choose up to 2) 

1) Travel
2) Cultural activities: go to concerts, performances, exhibitions etc.
3) Shopping
4) Eat out
5) Hobby group activities
6) Sports

7) Meet with friends and acquaintances

8) Other (Please specify)

Q5. Which of the following best describes your age group?

 1) 20s

 2) 30s

 3) 40s

 4) 50s

 5) 60s

 6) Over 70


Q6. Which continent are you from?

1) Asia

2) Europe

3) Oceania

4) North America

5) South America

6) Africa

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