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Title CICI Korea 2020 Korea Image Survey
Posted by webmaster Hit 1072 Date 2019.11.15

We are conducting a survey in hopes to find ways to enhance the image of Korea.

If you were not able to complete the survey due to your busy schedule, we would like to ask for 30 seconds of your time to let us know your valued opinions.

All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only. 

Please answer by clicking the button below.

Thank you.

Q1. Which keywords about Korea did you search or hear/see most in 2019?  (please select all that apply) 

1. Film Parasite, Director Bong Joon-ho

2. K-Pop 

3. 9 Korean seowon listed as UNESCO world heritage sites 

4. Son Heung Min soccer player

5. State of affairs of Korean Peninsula and Surroundings

6. Other (please specify) 



Q2. What comes to mind when you think of Korea? (please select all that apply) 

1. Entertainment (music, drama, movies, games)

2. Beauty & Fashion

3. Technology powerhouse

4. The harmony of Tradition and modernity

5 Large companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai

6. Korean food such as bulgogi, kimchi etc.

7. A divided nation

8. Other(please specify) 


Q3. Why do you think K-pop is popular? (please select all that apply) 

1. Dancing perfectly in sync 

2. Rhythmic Songs

3. Music video

4. Touching lyrics, and the lyrics' messages

5. Looks of the idols 

6. Other



Q4. What efforts do you think  is needed for people to continue to keep interest in K-pop? (please select all that apply) 

1. Strong skills

2. Planning based on storytelling

3. Communication with fans using platforms such as SNS and YouTube

4. Production of various contents (movies, games, webtoons, etc.)

5. innovative & quality music

6. Other



Q5. What do you think is the most competitive Korean video content in the world market? (please select all that apply) 

1. Movie

2. Drama

3. Mukbang YouTube videos

4. TV Entertainment programs 

5. Other


Q6. What is your favorite Korean movie genre?(please select all that apply) 

1. Comedy

2. Romance

3. History

4. Black Comedy Thriller

5. Other




Q7. What is your primary route for watching Korean movies? (please select all that apply) 

1. Video platform such as YouTube, Naver TV, Kakao TV

2. Cinema (movie theater) 

3. OTT services such as Netflix and Whatcha Play

4. TV channels (public tv,  cable) 

5. Purchase / Download DVD, VOD, etc.

6. Other


Q8. What bias did you have about Korea before you came/visited Korea?  (please select all that apply) (Foreigners only)

1. Plastic-surgery Culture

2. Competition for School Entrance Admission

3. Long working hours

4. Rigid Union

5. Poverty due to the Korean War

6. Excessive education fever

7. Other

Q9. Which of the following best describes your age group?

1) 20s

2) 30s

3) 40s

4) 50s

5) 60s

6) Over 70

Q10. Which continent are you from?

1) Asia

2) Europe

3) Oceania

4) North America

5) South America

6) Africa

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