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Title Survey for CICI Korea 2020 Korea Image Award Candidates
Posted by webmaster Hit 744 Date 2019.08.09

We are conducting a survey to help further promote Korea's Image, and seek your valuable input.

We ask for just 30 seconds of your precious time in completing this survey. 

All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only. 

Please answer by clicking the link below.

Thank you for your time.

Q1. Every year CICI presents the “Korea Image Stepping Stone Award” to the person, organization or element that has contributed the most to enhancing a positive image of Korea. Who would you recommend as the winner of the “Stepping Stone Award” this year? (Please select all that apply)

Previous Stepping Stone Awardees include: 

2019 Korean Language, 2018 CJ Group, 2017 Se Ri Pak, 2016 Creativity of Hallyu (Representative: Psy),   2015 Amore Pacific,    2014 Galaxy Smartphone

(1)   Netflix's original Korean series “Kingdom”, a zombie series set in the Joseon Dynasty which received a score of 89% on the popular review site Rotten Tomatoes.

(2)   Bong Joon-ho, the director of the movie Parasite. The movie won the Golden Palm Award, the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

(3)   Ma Dong-suk, the first Korean actor from Chungmuro, to appear in a Marvel movie “Eternals”

(4)   Writer Han Kang, awarded Writer of the Year by the Norwegian Public Artwork ‘Future Library’. 

(5)   Artist Lee Bul, who won the Ho-Am Prize in 2019 for her sharp social criticism and historical awareness.

(6)   Jin Young Ko, World No.1 in women’s golf and the major queen of the LPGA 2019

(7)   Other (please specify)


Q2. CICI presents the “Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award” to the person, organizations or element that has been a bridge between Korea and the world. Who do you think should receive the “Stepping Stone Bridge Award” this year? (Please select all that apply)

Previous Stepping Stone Bridge Awardees include:

2019 YouTuber Korean Englishman, 2017 AlphaGo, 2016 Non-Summit Meeting Panelists, 2015 actress Tang Wei, 2013 YouTube, 2009 Nobel Laureate J.M.G. Le Clezio.

(1)   Delphine O, Ambassador and Secretary General of the UN World Conference on Women, and Cedric O, Minister of the Digital Economy of France.

(2)   Jeff Benjamin, Billboards K-Pop Columnist who introduced K-pop singers such as PSY and BTS to the world.

(3)   Ins Choi, the director of the Canadian sitcom “Kim's Convenience”, depicting the life of Korean immigrants in Canada.

(4)   Professor Ihn Yo-han (John Linton), the first special naturalized Korean, who received the National Medal for his family contribution to the development of the Korean society during four generations.

(5)   Other (please specify)


Q3. CICI presents the ‘Korea Image Budding Youth Award’ to young talents under 20. Who do you think should receive the “Korea Image Budding Youth Award” this year? (Please select all that apply)

Previous Korea Image Budding Youth Awardees include:

2013 Pianist Lee Hyuk, 2012 Pororo, 2009 Pianist Cho Sung-Jin, 2008 Swimmer Park Tae-Hwan, and Figure skater Kim Yuna 

(1)   Awesome Haeun, a dance YouTuber with more than 3.74 million subscribers who participated to the TV show 'Nephew TV in My Hands' in 2019.

(2)   Badminton players Kim Min-ji and Kim Min-sun, sisters who won the Women’s doubles of the YONEX-ROZA BTY Junior International Challenge 2019 in Thailand.

(3)   Baek Chae-rin, who received the Youth Prize of the 8th National Ureuk Gayageum Contest in 2019.

(4)   Kim Ha-min, a painter who gained attention with his collaboration with the contemporary artist Mimmo Paladino, also known as the living Picasso.

(5)   So-hyun Ko, a violin prodigy who plays with the world-famous master Pinchas Zukerman.

(6)   Other (please specify)

Q4. Who/what else do you think should be considered for promoting Korea's Image to the world? And please let us know what kind of award you think should be offered.

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