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Title CCF 2019 Servey on Korea's Image
Posted by webmaster Hit 151 Date 2019.03.26

We are conducting a survey to help further promote Korea's image, and seek your valuable input.


We ask for just a couple minutes of your precious time in completing this survey. 


All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only.


Thank you for your precious time.

CCF 2019 Servey on Korea's Image 

1. Which Korean comes to mind when you think of creators?

(Please select all that apply)

- Chan-wook Park, Director of movies The Handmaiden,’ ‘Old Boy

- Nam June Paik, world-renowned contemporary artist

- Si hyuk Bang, CEO who created the world-renowned K-pop star BTS.

- J.Fla, music youtuber with over 11 million subscribers

- Boram, children-toys-review youtuber of Boram Tube Toysreview channel

- None

- Other (Please specify)


2. What needs to be improved for Korean contents to gain more global fans?

(Please select all that apply)

- Multilingual service

- Financial support from the government and companies

- Active communication with fans

- New contents of variety

- Other (Please specify)


3. Which Korean content do you think has the most global competitiveness?

- Food

- K-pop, popular music

- Movies & Dramas

- K-Beauty

- Sports

- E-sports

- Other (Please specify)



4. Which Korean movie have you watched? (Please select all that apply)

- Old Boy

- The Handmaiden

- Train to Busan

- The Host

- The Wailing

- Other (Please specify)


5. What do you think are the success factors of Korean movies that were successful overseas? (Please select all that apply)

- Acting skills and popularity of actors

- Direction

- Story

- Original and creative subjects

- Sincerity

- Other (Please specify)



6. Which Korean do you most wish to meet?

- Heung-min Son, Soccer hero

- Joon-ho Bong, Famous Korean movie director

- BTS, Worldwide K-pop star

- Jae-in Moon, South Korean President

- CL, Charismatic singer-songwriter and rapper

- Other (Please specify)


7. Which of the following areas in Seoul do you like best?

- Hongdae & Sinchon

- Gangnam

- Jongno

- Itaewon

- Myeongdong

- Yeouido

- Other (Please specify)


8. Why did you answer as above?

9. Which of the following did you find most surprising about Seoul?

- Tradition and modernity coexisting in the middle of the city

- Old-fashioned alleyways

- Sky full of heavy fine dust

- Night view with colorful neon signs and skyscrapers

- Harmony of city scenery and nature, such as mountains and the Han River

- Convenient and pleasant public transportation

- Other (Please specify)


10. What type of product comes to mind when you think of Korea? (Please select all that apply)

- Household electric appliances

- Electronic devices such as Mobile phones, computers, and laptops

- Makeup

- Cars

- Clothes

- Other (please specify)


11. What do you think is the strength of Korean products?  (Please select all that apply)

- Affordable price

- Excellent quality

- Stylish design

- Accessibility (Many places to buy)

- Safety

- I do not buy Korean products

- Other (Please specify)


12. What do you think is the downside of Korean products(Please select all that apply)

- High price

- Disappointing quality

- Unsophisticated design

- Accessibility (Not many places to buy)

- Safety

- Lack of multilingual service and translation

- Other (Please specify)


13. Which of the following best describes your age group?

- 20s

- 30s

- 40s

- 50s

- 60s

- Over 70s



14. Which continent are you from?

- Europe

- North America

- Asia

- Oceania

- Africa

- South America

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