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Title Survey for CICI Korea 2018's 'Korea Image Award'
Posted by webmaster Hit 42 Date 2017.09.19


We are conducting a survey to help further promote Korea's Image, and seek your valuable input.

We ask for just 30 seconds of your precious time in completing this survey.

All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only.

Please answer by clicking the link below.

Thank you

1. Every year CICI presents the ‘Korea Image Stepping Stone Award’ to the person/element that has contributed the most to enhancing a positive image of Korea. Who/what do you think should receive the 2018 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award?

Previous Korea Image Stepping Stone Awardees include:
  2017 Se Ri Pak, Korea's Golfing Legend, 2016 Creativity of Hallyu, 2015 AMOREPACIFIC,
  2014 Galaxy (Smart Phone), 2011 Incheon International Airport, 2007 UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

(1) Korean Subway System, quoted as one of the best subway systems in the world

(2) CJ Group, Korean company that has contributed to the promotion of Korean culture abroad with K-pop, K-food, and K-drama

(3) 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

(4) BTS (Bangtan Boys), first K-Pop group to win Billboard music award

(5) Other (please specify)

2. CICI presents the ‘Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award’ to the person that has contributed to enhancing a positive image of Korea abroad. Who do you think should receive the 2018 Korea Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award?

Previous Awardees include:
  2017 AlphaGo, 2016 Non-summit, 2015 Tang Wei, 2014 H.E. Fleur Pellerin,
  2013 YouTube, 2009 Jean-Marie G. Le Clézio, Nobel laureate

(1) Daniel Henney; main character on famous American Crime TV series "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders"

(2) Jürgen Hinzpeter; late German journalist. Model for the main character of the Korean movie on the Gwangju Uprising, 'A Taxi Driver'

(3) Joachim Son-Forget, Delphine O; Korean-French Members Of French Parliament

(4) Jack Black; American actor who has shown exceptional affection for Korea

(5) Other (please specify)

3. Who/what else do you think should be considered for promoting Korea’s Image to the world? And please let us know what other kind of award you think should be offered.

Name of Award:

Awardee Candidate:

No. Title Posted by Date Hit
Annoucement of Winner of CCF 2017, Korea through the Lens, Photography & Video Contest! webmaster 2017.07.25 405
Purchase Information on 'K-Style' Living the Korean Way of Life file webmaster 2017.04.10 446
Cs Full-Time Hospitality Research and Administrative Assistant Recruitment webmaster 2015.06.15 1283
39 Office Closed for Chuseok holidays file webmaster 2017.09.29 41
» Survey for CICI Korea 2018's 'Korea Image Award' file webmaster 2017.09.19 42
37 Exhibition of "Korea through the Lens, Video & Photography Contest" file webmaster 2017.09.14 44
36 Korea CQ - 24 Program webmaster 2017.06.14 237
35 CCF 2017 "Survey on Korea's Image" file webmaster 2017.06.12 222
34 [Closed] Cultural Communication Forum, Korea through the Lens, Photography & Video Contest! file webmaster 2017.04.28 2286
33 Korea CQ - Visiting the world's largest audio showroom ‘ODE Maison’ webmaster 2017.03.06 672
32 Korea CQ - Lecture on ‘Global communication: Future of Translation via Apps’ by Jung-soo Lee President of Flitto webmaster 2017.03.06 549
31 Korea CQ – Lecture on ‘Love House’ by Architect Jin Seok Yang webmaster 2017.03.06 557
30 Korea CQ - Visiting ‘Barakat Seoul’, the ancient art gallery webmaster 2017.03.06 599
29 Korea CQ - 23 Program webmaster 2017.01.16 571
28 Second Survey on the Korea Image for CICI Korea 2017 file webmaster 2016.11.30 676
27 Survey on Korea Image for CICI Korea 2017 file webmaster 2016.10.18 754
26 CICI Korea 2017 Survey webmaster 2016.09.26 803
25 Korea CQ - 22 Program webmaster 2016.06.20 869
24 CCF 2016 Survey file webmaster 2016.06.02 1065
23 Prof. Choi Jungwha's New Book 'K-Style' file webmaster 2016.05.25 1416
22 Korea CQ Summer Welcoming Alumni Gathering & CQ 21 Graduation webmaster 2016.04.27 950

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