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Title CCF 2017 "Survey on Korea's Image"
Posted by webmaster Hit 327 Date 2017.06.12
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Korea has an abundance of unique ideas and technologies, taking a leading place in the world. 

This survey seeks to find the roads that Korea should take to move forwards, 

by recognizing the image of Korea's every day life seen through the eyes of Koreans and foreigners.

Your input is invaluable, and we ask for only 30 seconds of your time. 

All of the information that you submit will be kept strictly anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only.

Begin Survey:


1. Which unique and original Korean product would you like to introduce to your country? (Please check all that apply)

1) Cushion foundation; liquid foundation soaked in sponge cushion within compact – fast application and easy to carry in bags 

2) Kkalchang; Height increasing shoe insoles/inserts 

3) Electric freezer carts for ice-cream and drinks 

4) Delivery apps 

5) Call bells on restaurant tables to ask for service

6) Other (please specify)


2. Which part of the Korean subway system, often quoted as one of the best subway systems in the world, would you like to introduce to your country? (Please check all that apply)

1) Realtime reporting service for inconveniences; ask for stronger/weaker air-conditioning in car, raise/lower volume of announcements, report disturbances etc.

2) Thoroughly detailed guidelines with arrows and numbers to exits and transfers

3) Climate controlled; well-equipped with heating and air-conditioning 

4) Announcements and signs in multiple languages; Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

5) Wi-Fi and portable battery chargers for smartphones available for free

6) Other (please specify)


3. Which characteristic of Korean family culture do you find difficult to understand? (Please check all that apply)

1) Children live with their parents for a long time (usually until they marry)

2) The eldest son usually supports his aged parents  

3) Women spend more time on housework than men 

4) In double-income households, grandparents regularly take care of grandchildren 

5) Goose fathers; men left behind to work in Korea in order to pay for their families to live and study abroad

6) Other (please specify)


4. Which characteristic of Korean society do you find difficult to understand? (Please check all that apply)

1) Tendency to follow current popular trends rather than showing individuality

2) Men sensitive about outward appearances and using a lot of make-up

3) Excessive early education for young children

4) Entering university for the sake of educational credentials instead of career and aptitude

5) Age hierarchy rather than rank based on abilities 

6) Other (please specify)


5. Which of the following 'ppali-ppali (quickly)' characteristic do you find difficult to understand? (Please check all that apply)

1) Puts hand in vending machine and waits before the drink is out

2) Continuously clicks if a website does not open or close

3) Shop owner signs the customer's credit card receipt

4) Continuously presses 'close' button in elevators

5) People rush through the doors on buses and subways to get on/off first

6) Other (please specify)


6. Which of the following best describes your age group?

1) 20s

2) 30s

3) 40s

4) 50s

5) 60s

6) Over 70


7. Which continent are you from?

1) Asia

2) Europe

3) Africa

4) Oceania

5) North America

6) South America

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